1. G

    Speedway Front Fork Parts 10" Model

    71 Speedway Fork Rebuild... I need some stuff. Please Help... Wanted/Looking For: Plastic Retainer Rings - Mine Are Broken Springs - One is Rusty/Broken Dust Caps - One is Torn
  2. mountain38

    Comet 40 Belt Help needed

    Hello I am trying to figure out what size belt I am going to need for my Comet 40 driver going to my Horstman driven clutch system. the Horstman is 7 1/2" in diameter and the distance from the center of the crank shaft to center of the driven clutch is 13 1/8. I read that I need a symmetric...
  3. D

    Indian Mini Mini MM5A Parts needed

    I have looked and looked. Even searched around this site. Still needing some parts to my my mini a ripping ride. Anything and any leads will help. Thanks, Dave
  4. S

    Lil Indian Chopper parts / info needed

    Hi Folks, I'm new here but I have a early LIC and need a sissy bar, clutch cover, brake handle and cable. It was purple with black seat. plus advice on restoring it.
  5. JohnnyTillotson

    Stellar Black Beauty parts needed

    Need front fender, kick stand, seat and a foot peg for my new Stellar Black Beauty. I don't think this model had a frame mounted gas tank did it? Also does anyone know the engine options that would have been on this one?
  6. P

    Manco Thunderbird rear sprocket needed

    Just acquired a Manco Thunderbird (dated 1982) and need a rear sprocket. It has the 10" rims with a god awful 80 tooth rear sprocket. The sprocket has a 4 holes @ / 4" centers with a 1.5" center hole. The original is for a #35 chain and wish to go with a #41 due to a lager motor being used...
  7. florida4x4s

    el tigre forks needed

    Just picked up an el tigre frame . Need forks, let me know what you have. Thanks
  8. AJaxMini

    LiL Indian parts needed

    I'm looking for some very difficult LiL Indian parts and figured I'd try this route again even though it almost never works. The parts I'm looking for are as follows: The last clutch guard that they used which is the really nice one with the embossed center. 4" General tires 2-speed...

    Ruttman muffler needed

    Looking for what I call the upside down Talyor exhaust. Ruttman used on their choppers. paypal or trade

    Wanted Chen Shin tire needed

    3.5/4.10 -6 small letter Chen Shin tire. Only need one. Universal tread only. Paypal or trades.
  11. M

    Clutch needed for hi torque engine

    I am building a mustang lookalike using a kohler 12 hp . I am looking for a belt clutch that can hold the torque. I am thinking about a torque converter using a jackshaft. I have no problem machining the crankshaft. I have two engines m#231the crankshafts are 1"and 1 1/8" Any of you all have...
  12. 45t

    Rutttman wild goose seat needed

    Picking up a Ruttman Goose project that needs a seat. If anyone has a Ruttman seat sitting around or if you just have the cover that would work too, I can make my own seat pans and do the foam work. Let me know if you can help a guy out. :thumbsup:
  13. Jamie1972

    Manco TrailCat References needed !!!

    I am in need of some pictures and references of the Manco Trailcat like the one from this 1972 Manco ad. This is the best picture I found on line so far...... Does anybody know the owner of this bike? I am going to be either restoring one or finishing up a partial survivor bike I have...
  14. I

    Fox info needed

    Hi all, I just picked up this Fox mini bike yesterday and was wondering what model it is and the year. Also I was wondering what jackshaft and gearing info do I need to know seeing it is missing these parts. (What size shaft and bearings and what gears). Thanks for any help.
  15. P

    Starting help needed

    I installed a Black Mamba Jr Cam, heavier springs, and an aluminum flywheel and now when I try to pull start my Baja Warrior it is either really hard to pull or suck my hand back so hard I feel like firecrackers blew up in it. Can anyone help with what I can or should look at changing? If ands...
  16. M

    What Extra Parts Are needed to Install Predator on a DB

    I have an older style doodlebug and got a predator 212cc engine as a gift. I plan on getting the adjustable plate, a new clutch to fit the shaft. PMR Adjustable Motor Mount Kit For the clutch, are people generally choosing the 12...
  17. Rapidrob

    Baja Warrior clutch/chain guard needed

    Ten years ago I bought my wife a Baja Warrior type off road mini bike. The plastic clutch/chain guard has broken. I saw some old photos of a metal guard that had been made. Are they still for sale? Anyone have an intact plastic guard for sale? Even expanded steel mesh would be OK. ****** I just...
  18. tbird

    Band brake needed

    Anyone have a 4" band brake and the pin for it laying around that they may want to get rid of? I just got another mini and it has no brake set up on it so I'm going to put a band brake set up on the clutch. I'm trying to stay away from Ebay if I can find one on here. Let me know what you...
  19. S

    Taco id help needed

    I have what I think is a 1970 Taco 99? the serial # reads 7Q4465 its hard to read the 1st 4....its the wide frame with the seat dropping in.... long connected swing arm and springs on top of the forks with lower slider the Q or O means what ? thanks for the help
  20. V

    Speedway scorpion front end needed

    Looking for one or if something else will work . Also my fuel tank has a strap down the center to attatch it . . .tank has some rott on one side . . . Thanks for any info or thoughts