Windber Minibike Reunion 2013

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FYI the "Double Trouble" won Best in Show..... Now I need a nap 100 miles down falling asleep at the wheel now I need to rest in a parking lot for the next. 400 miles...:doah:
FYI the "Double Trouble" won Best in Show..... Now I need a nap 100 miles down falling asleep at the wheel now I need to rest in a parking lot for the next. 400 miles...:doah:
Be safe Gumpit! I need you to find something else soon that I'll ask about on the board and ultimately end up buying at Windber next year! Yes, you are a big part of my LiL Indian addiction now and I appreciate it! Thank you for a great deal! You really do like to make people happy.

To anyone that hasn't been to Windber, you are missing the boat. There are a lot of great friendships that develop every year there. As Gerry put it, it's like magic.
Well, just got in from windber. What a great week. I must say KKK looked like he got run over by a Mack truck when he showed up. But the bike was great and I would like to thank him for giving me the chance to give the twin 820's a ride. I was saying to myself as I looked down at them shaking and barking if one of these comes apart I just might loose my junk. Oh well what a feeling it was to give it a try. Hope we can get them tuned and give it a another try.Thanks again Gerry
Damn it how I wish I could have gone. A few weeks ago my wife said why don't you go as much as you say you would love to go you should. So I did some:detective: and found all the OMB guys near wi. already had a co pilot and was debating going alone. The mind debate came to a shuddering halt last Saturday. While working out in Iowa I got that numbing call from my wife that her mom (my mother in law for 32 years) unexpectedly died. Long story short my road trip was to Etown ky for a funeral :crying: So we will see what type of annual curve ball gets flung my way next year . Thanks for all the posts and pics. guys!!!!!!! those of us that are unable to be there really appreciate it. at least I do. dave
^^ Wow I do look like I got hit with a Mack truck....rough night! :doah: Evil Ed looks like a star back there him and Jack were best buddies!

It's funny how you get a pre-concieved notion in your head how somebody is going to look and then when you meet them in person they loook totally different....SlyWillez looked nothing like I thought...neither did Glenn Baine....(he was better looking than I pictured hahaha..)

Was fun to see the usual suspects and meet some new faces..Jeep4me for one him and his son are super nice people I hope they becomes regulars.

Good too see Randy back too it wouldn't be Windber without him. Gumpit is Gumpit....Manchester is a doll... Jeff Mihalko is tops...the Wisconsin Boys Delray and Chatten are always great to see... Big Rob ...JimH...oh and Buckey isn't nearly as bad you guys say...he's actually a great guy in person.:thumbsup: so is Harleys Papa and Mrs Papa...Inspector and the Sq. Chop Clan...MB165....Hent is a Boss...but Viky is too good for him!

I know I'm leaving a lot of people out...didn't get to relax and talk to hardly anyone there are just so many to list and they're all good folk.

For those that haven't gone you just gotta go. Just off the top of my head I saw people there from Florida, Texas, Wisconsin, Alabama, Connecticut, Mass, New York, Michigan, California, Kentucky...Canada!!

Every year it's the same thing...the whole time I'm getting ready and driving there I'm saying I gotta be crazy..and I'm never doing this again....but as soon as you roll in there and see that pavilion with the cool old tin signs all over it start seeing all those crazy people and the familiar faces... you realize you HAVE to come each year...there is just nothing like it. And what would I be doing anyway...sitting on the couch..mowing the lawn..sitting on the computer or watching TV??

When you are at Windber you are living..I'm always sad when I leave because it's another years wait.

Make every effort to get there.
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whew! what a time! sign me up for next year:thumbsup:

took a few pictures:

i parked my car, walked around a bit and when i got back i found
it flanked by wulff bros. trucks. kinda looked like the H2 gave birth
to my scion in the field!

dave and jesse showed me their cool collection, powells, their dads
bike, nice chrome on these rides.

a few yards away square chopper had a great set of bikes. i actually ran
into him and evil ed the night before at the hotel where i stayed. pizza

after the parade i ran into buckeye. he's one cool dude:thumbsup:

turns out that harleys' mama and papa were at the other end of the
tent that buckeye was in. my wife cindy and harleys mama are both
dog people and talked all about their dogs. good people both.

it's a small world, next door to buckeye and harleys' humans was gumpit!

what a fantastic group of people. next year i'm bringing a trailer and some
bikes. i'll give buckeye first dibs on a beater if he cant get a bike through TSA.
my first year at windber was a blast. i met so many nice people and put faces to a lot of members.

i spent all friday afternoon, saturday morning, and saturday night after the perade just trying to fix my roadster2 engin. 2 valves, one cam, 2 flywheel keys, one gasket set, one entire parts engine, and clise to 8 hrs of wrenching and i finally got a good running bike. thanks to all of the members who helped fix up that bike. taking it through the trails with delray was awesome!

i also rode my TT500 in the parade and really got to open her up wich was sweet. then saturday night i entered it into the showe and one best of show in the 18 and under class. i told buckey that it was a "cadillac" and he had to ride it around the track . so he did and i turn my back for a few seconds to talk to other members and i see him going to the other side of the campground and up the hills. i didn't think he was ever going to give me the bike back. lol

it was just an awesome trip. big thanks to Jeff and everyone else who helps make this show happen.
Finally home. Words cannot describe how fun this show is. It was so nice to see all of my brothers:laugh: and meet some members I never met before. Jack and his wife are the nicest people. Turns out his wife is just like me. I spent a few hours talking to her and jack. When Jack saw the bike first thing saturday morning, I thought he was going to cry. Gerry (KKK) and his son totally did a amazing job on this bike. All of the members that contributed to this bike had there name on a plack. (photo to follow). The plack, bike stand, and plates that KKK had made was amazing:thumbsup::thumbsup: That bike got the best home of its life. It was awesome to see it brought back to life:thumbsup: Also would like to mention that the bike won "BEST OF SHOW" :thumbsup::thumbsup: Congradulations to all that contribitued to this amazing build.

I would also like to mention that many OMB members won ribbons for there bikes, but wasn't present for there award. I'm sure Jeff will mail them to you. Make sure you take a photo with your bike and ribbon and post the photo :thumbsup::thumbsup:


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Thanks everyone for the recaps and please keep the pics coming :thumbsup: Really happy to hear that everyone had such a great time!! Really hope to be a part of this next year.