WTB- Old school throttle


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This belongs to OldMiniBikes member wellohhhkthen
Not sure if he is still a member or has the bike.
Good luck on your quest!!

Just checked wellohhhkthen Last Activity: 01-03-2013 02:51 PM
maybe he can send you some more photos and maybe a mfg?

Ahh...the elusive Dellorto. I could use a couple more of those myself.

Just went up and took some pics. Pics don't come out the greatest up there but it looks better than any of the other pics.


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Wow, thanks guys! That first one looks pretty pricey. I think it would be tough to recoup. I'll try papitsy's guy. Thanks for being on the lookout! :thumbsup:


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Now that I'm looking at them, I can't tell if they're the right one. They sure are close.
The one on the Broncco engine is incorrect, I think that is probably a Domino brand, it is equally as hard to find though as the dellorto. that engine and throttle is actually not a bad price if you needed it, both are very tought to find pieces!!!!

That one I posted looked like the right one andthe right vintage, I notice the auction has mysteriously disappeared though:shrug: It was actually a steal considering what the bike was and what it had for parts on it :thumbsup:



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Thanks Markus. I messaged the Viper guy last night as well just to see if he would part out the throttle, knowing it was a long shot. I was a little short in the paypal account to get into the whole bike. Thanks for looking out! This gives me hope that they're out there! :thumbsup:

And, I think you're right... the other guy said that he thought his was a Domino.