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Hi You asked me if I had the TC cover for the Bonanza MB 1210 TC. I don't but if you have one that you would like to seller trade I would be very interested
Thanks for the info on the Gas Cap.I know where one is that a OldMiniBikes member has.His price is a Joke I will keep looking
Taco Loco Joe
Taco Loco Joe
I’ll keep an eye out Bobby. The prices are crazy.
My problem is that the left handlebar is bent. Sure the forks are froze-up but I just want the handlebar straight at this point. Someone tried to heat them and straighten them but they failed, probably ruining the steel's temper and weakening the handlebar. Plus my frame has been modified poorly. I'd like to upgrade to straight and unmodified original forks first, and then a frame or both at the same time.
You can rebuild those ElTigre forks , I had one that was about destroyed, welded on disaster , may can find it if you use the search tool , i posted it all on here about 5years ago
Did you sell the keystone frame?
Yes I did. Thanks for your interest. I do have a 2 stroke Sachs engine that I would consider selling or trading for a Tecumseh HS40.
Any word on delivery date of 2nd order of tees and hoodies?
We talked it over , if by May 11 if i dont have enough im going to make the order big enough and will take the extras down to Windber mini bike reunion and set them up for sale , Thank you for being patient with us on this , we didnt forget you
White Gas
You're the BEST bud !!! Didn't think you forgot...just anxious i guess, specially with this return to hoodie weather we've had the last 2 wks or so. Appreciate you sir.
Hoodie is on its way
Try a site called xenoahs ark. It's a Rupp site and they will tell you anything you want to know. It sounds like a sketchy name but Xenoah was a motor Rupp used in their later snowmobiles and the company still makes small R/c and industrial motors. There's a great bunch of folk on there, Brian
Hi Roo24 I have a brand new untouched or used in anyway a 1994 H-50 if interested.I would assist in shipping buyer pays the shipping charges
Hey, I’m looking for something abit older it’s to go a 1970s mower
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Jim, interested in ordering a zippered hoodie in large. Is there just one color, and if so, what is it? Can i send usps you a personal check or money order? If so, to what address?
They all come in the same Gray color , a zippered hoodie is $45 and if you want it shipped to you thats $8 , you can send me a postal money order , i have an order going in in about 2 to 3 weeks , i have to have a minimum order for the printer do print the shirts , im almost there , i would need your name and address for the book so when i get them i know where to send it , Thanks for supporting our event
I have another person who wants it. You can reach me @ 315-439-8085 Owen