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    Need help with wheel choices and sprocket count for Trailhorse GT800

    Yes, that is correct. If you want power out of the hole or need to climb hills go with the 72. If you are sure you are going with the TAV, go with the 60.
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    Need help with wheel choices and sprocket count for Trailhorse GT800

    Search online for go kart speed calculators. Then just plug in the variables. With 6" wheels you have two common tire sizes 4.10 x 3.50 and 5.30 x 4.50. The smaller wheels typically are 12-13 inches diameter and the larger are 14-16 inches diameter. Here's an example of the smaller wheels...
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    World's most expensive Arctic Cat

    Saw this on Craigslist tonight... Ad price $15,000 but then in the body of the ad... $1,500,000!!!! At least he said Or Best Offer I got a kick out of the guy saying serious collectors only when there are clearly aftermarket parts on the bike. Fenders, brake lever and cable, no front...
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    Mechanical Walking Machine Progect

    It looks like something out of a Dr Seuss nightmare. Very cool!
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    "Before and After" pics

    Arctic Cat Climber/SSSCat II Sears Super 2 Speed 1994 S10 (to haul them with)
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    Sears Two Speed

    I took some measurements against the Arctic Cat. The rake is within a few degrees, the Bird actually has more rake. The wheelbase of the Bird is 1 1/2" longer which was a surprise, so extending the wheel base is out. I don't know how to measure trail... The only other thing I can see is...
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    Sears Two Speed

    Doing some more work on the little Bird. I bought new Astro wheels and some CST tires. We also straightened the forks again (neighbor kid ran into the fence) and replaced the front springs with longer 4" ones. I bought the more rounded CST tire thinking it would make it more stable. I...
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    Engine won't start

    This is where I would check as well. Make sure your kill switch wiring is not grounding out on metal somewhere. ------------------ Edit - if it runs on spray, it's a fuel issue. Perhaps there is blockage in the needle & seat, float is stuck, or the jet is plugged.
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    Chain fell off

    Also check that your engine isn't "clocked" in the slots. There is some play in those slots. Line it up with the frame before you bolt it down.
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    ARCO E-Z Rider CL Find

    Saw that in Minnesota. That's about half the price they were asking. Good buy!
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    A letter from our neighbors

    Already started looking. There is one 100 miles from me for $1,300. Spendy but may be worth it to see the look on his face when the cops come & we keep riding...
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    A letter from our neighbors

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    A letter from our neighbors

    Hey Zac We were fine until that little pocket bike of your buddies showed up with the straight piped 79cc. Just walk down 1 block & hop on the trail down by the river. The SSSCat & Bird are quiet enough behind the hills. The old guy isn't going to get less cranky & he has more time on his...
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    Tecumseh hsk50 snowblower conversion Arctic Cat

    Well, I couldn't take it anymore. I tore it down & checked the valve lash. It was .002 intake & .006 exhaust. I lapped the valves & ground them down to .008 intake & .011 exhaust. Also I set the coil to flywheel to .012 Slapped it back together & boom the power is back!