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    New Doodlebug, Predator, Paint...Equals Pit Bug

    Amazing, looks fantastic!!!
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    212cc Chinese ATV Clone - Heavily modded

    Great job, I love that!
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    Doodlebug seat covers

    Thanks for the link.
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    predator engine and kids?

    Got my under seat header and muffler yesterday. Had to enlarge the bolt holes a little and do some precision engineering with a ball peen hammer to get the muffle to fit between the frame bars, but it sounds great and will save some burned skin.
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    Big frame plan?

    I want to try and build a big frame mini bike frame and forks. Does anyone out there have any plan for such a build?
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    Too good to pass up

    Wow, that was an excellent price.
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    predator engine and kids?

    Ordered today.
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    predator engine and kids?

    I bought the engine from Harbor Freight $99.99 Hot rod mini conversion kit (I sent a message to the guy that sells them on this site and didn't get a reply). I included the precut chain. $140.00 The quality of the kit was top notch and super fast shipping but the directions sucked...
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    predator engine and kids?

    Ok, I got my motor and conversion kit today, after 3 hours I got everything installed and was ready to test ride. The throttle restriction screw comes factory set at about 50%. For me at 230lbs this was plenty of power but way too much for my daughter age 11. After setting the screw to about 75%...
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    predator engine and kids?

    Wow, opinions are all over the place on this issue. From, a great ride for a 9 year old to, a man eating death trap. I'm back to bring a little worried. My engine is suppose to be here Thursday. The mounting plate and clutch is still in Washington state, I live in West Virginia. I'm hoping to...
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    Twist Throttle Assembly

    Ok got it. Thanks!
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    help with new doodlebug

    Use the search function and type in key terms like DB throttle linkage or governor adjustment. I saw 2 nice diagrams using those search phrases. Good luck getting it sorted out.
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    Doodlebug track build

    Amazing build. Very nice.
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    Twist Throttle Assembly

    After it's assembled how do you keep the cable housing from sliding down the cable? The cable housing doesn't attach to the twist grip on mine.
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    predator engine and kids?

    My stock motor runs but is worn completely out. It doesn't have enough power to pull my 8 year old up even the slightest hill. I'm really hoping the throttle set screw will limit the power of the 6.5 enough to provide power to get around but still be controllable and safe.