1965 taco 22-b

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I found this 1965 Taco 22 bolt together frame at Mac's yard sale yesterday and I just felt that I had to save it .I cant say no to a good taco:laugh:
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So I am sure you will paint it Taco blue/purple, I see you have it ready for final paint with flat black primer now! Can't wait to see it painted!:laugh::laugh::laugh:
This is gonna be a cool build, I checked out the one you took to MACs yard sale and it was super nice. Good luck man, and thanks for the spacer you hooked me up with for my back wheel,its gonna work great for my build.:thumbsup:
my buddie scooter harold from the drag spot hooked me up with a replacement front wheel for the 22 and mac hooked me up with some new fork springs :drinkup:
tomorrow is :hammer::grind::hack::weld: day:evil_laughter::evil_laughter:
all the metal work has been roughed in

wheels are ready/i made crush tubes and installed new bearingsand replaced the old nuts and bolts with stainless steel bolts and lock nuts/i also had to use the last 5'' eliminator tire that i had hidden in the shed
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