1. myjunk

    Tecumseh HS40 engine 1968? $60

    I'm not sure if its a 1968 or 78, at any rate it is what it is. It turns over but I didn't see spark. You are buying it just the way I found it. Look at the pictures and email me if you have any questions. $60 plus shipping from Mi. Thank you
  2. Biodude

    Another Rupp TT500 for sale on Ebay!

    Looks like a nice one out of New York. The red is eye catching. Not 100% correct, but it definitely would be a great rider. vintage 1968 tt-500 rupp minibike | eBay
  3. T

    1968 3 hp off my taco minibike

    hello all, i am looking for a carb for a 1968 briggs&stratton the motor is on my taco minibike any help would be great thanks bobby
  4. Midyrman

    Tecumseh HS40 Lighted 1968

    Very nice 1968 HS40 with the lighting coil. With original clutch. Factory 5/8th, keyed, non-tapped shaft This is an original unrestored engine with new paint and decals. Was completely stripped to bare metal and repainted about 2 years ago. Has not been run since. Excellent compression...
  5. markus

    1968 Rupp swingarm wanted

    We are in need of a 1968 Rupp swingarm. Does not matter what model it came off of as I can relocate the fender tab as needed but it has to be a 1968 for the correct axle mounts. Needs to be in decent, unaltered shape, or not too messed up to repair.....like the one we have :laugh: Shipped...
  6. B

    1968 Rupp brake light switch.

    Need a brake light switch for a 1968 Rupp Disk brake bike. Thanks for looking! joel
  7. capguncowboy

    1968 H50 (Nonlighted Rupp)

    Engine turns fine, but the recoil is jammed up. I can't remove it because it has a stripped screw holding it on. Once that stripped I stopped fooling with it Not sure on spark or compression, but all the tins and most of the throttle pieces are there. Original Tecumseh 31287 muffler is...
  8. B

    WTB 1968 Rupp TT500/XL500/XL350 Handlebars.

    Also, need a date coded 1968 Rupp 5HP with lighting coil. joel
  9. myjunk

    1968 and 1969 Rupp rolling chassis

    $400 for the pair located in northern Michigan. Please pm me if you have any questions
  10. Frank Davis

    1968 Taco 22 mini bikes, a pair of them.

    I posted photos of these just after I picked them up at a swap meet....it doesn't look like I will get to these soon as I am trying to finish my old Harley Flathead and half a dozen karts.....I am offering these today at 450.00 cash FOB Myrtle Creek, Or. for the pair....These will be sold as I...
  11. J

    1968 Rupp TT500 headlight

    I'm looking for a 68 rupp headlight, with nice chrome and original numbers for my TT500.
  12. Side Shaft

    1968 Rupp XL350

    Needs full restoration missing wheels $600 Willing to part out of enough people buy parts. Email jayblackcustoms@gmail.com More pictures and details apon request
  13. B

    How do I remove 1968 Rupp Jackshaft bearings?

    Title says it all. I have both an XL500 frame and a TT500 frame. Trying to restore both. Thanks in advance! joel/Bink
  14. M

    1968 Rupp TT500 Resto Mod

    Hi folks new here but not new to tinkering. Have really enjoyed looking at what everyone is doing and I'm fully aware what i will be doing is considered a crime by many. I picked this up to restore but quickly found out it far too expensive to properly restore, so its going to be a resto-mod...
  15. markus

    1968 Rupp C250 roller and chainguard

    1968 C250, cool thing about this version Rupp is since the fenders and tank were painted from the factory, there is not alot of chrome to contend with, and whats currently there for chrome is actually really nice. Repro seats are also inexpensive for this model and in stock at blackwidow...
  16. markus

    1968 rupp brake mount bracket needed!!!! front fender straps too

    I am in need of a the brake pedal assembly bracket that bolts onto the the foot rest. It is the Loose one that the assembly slides into. It is part number 13315 and called "mounting bracket" in parts listings. It is small triangle shaped U bracket bright zinc or appliance chrome finish...
  17. B

    1968 Rupp handlebars

    Looking for 1968 Rupp handlebars. Could be from XL350, XL500 or TT500. They have 5/16 u-bolts. Thanks!! joel
  18. V

    wtb 1968 tecumseh shroud

    looking for a 1968 tecumseh h35 shroud with or without recoil.
  19. capguncowboy

    1968 Rupp TT500 nearly complete

    I have for sale a 1968 Rupp TT500. It's missing the two speed set up and the clutch guard. Everything else is there, including the funky little chain tensioner. The engine isn't running, but it has spark and compression. I didn't attempt to start it. I don't want to fool with it to get it...
  20. B

    1968 Cheeftah MB1000

    Very nice original Cheeftah. I was told it could be a 1967 or '68. Bought off the original owner. 3.5 HP Clinton. Never serviced. I just kept it the way I bought it. I never started it. Has spark and compression. Tank is clean. I was told it might even have original oil. Has original paperwork...