1. 09thirteen96

    Black Friday

    Trying to score some deals this Black Friday to tend to this hobby of mine. Which websites usually host sales this time of year? Personally I'm looking for a good deal on Billet Flywheels & Rods, Valve Springs, Brakes, just anything to juice up the ole Pred 212! Feel free to use this thread to...
  2. Venom headlight

    Venom headlight

  3. Venom low front led

    Venom low front led

  4. Venom rear

    Venom rear

  5. Venom low front

    Venom low front

  6. Venom rear dark

    Venom rear dark

  7. Venom shifter

    Venom shifter

  8. Venom rear right

    Venom rear right

  9. Venom original (eddie)

    Venom original (eddie)

  10. Venom mid build

    Venom mid build

  11. Venom finished right

    Venom finished right

  12. Venom finished front

    Venom finished front

  13. Venom finished right

    Venom finished right

  14. blizzane

    Black Jack mini bike

    Hey guys and gals, Just wondering how rare these bikes are, and what are they worth?
  15. C

    Engine surges, black smoke

    I have a B&S on my push mower that runs poorly. I bought it at an auction for $2 because it wouldn't start. The ethanol gas from 3 years ago had gone bad. I cleaned the tank and carb, changed oil, and gave it a few pulls. It fired right up and ran ok. After a little mowing it began to surge and...
  16. Ajf

    Tecumseh black air filter housing vintage

    Looking for an original black paint vintage early 70s small block air filter housing. Thanks
  17. Rupp 72

    Original Black Widow score!

    Found this listed on Facebook of all things! I couldn't hardly believe it. Looks to be all original, not in the best shape but for the money it was a steal! Engine has good compression and shouldn't take much to get running.
  18. Ajf

    Black Tecumseh blower housing

    I need a black original paint blower housing and/or recoil for a 71 hs40 so it needs to be curved top and can be from other years or models from early 70's. Thanks
  19. Midyrman

    WTB: Rupp Black Widow

    Looking to buy a nice original bike. Unrestored or restored. Original engine. Thanks. Tom
  20. L

    what mod should I do next? black mamba build

    predator 212cc rtc-6 cylinder head with 27mm intake 25mm exhaust valves stock automotive style retainers 26lb valve springs with .060 shims on intake and exhaust sides stock rods stock rockers billet rod +.020" hemi flat top piston .010" head gasket ngk spark plug billet flywheel 32...