1. 1974 Cat Slingshot

    1974 Cat Slingshot

  2. 1974 Cat Slingshot

    1974 Cat Slingshot

  3. 1974 Cat Slingshot

    1974 Cat Slingshot

  4. 1974 Cat Slingshot

    1974 Cat Slingshot

  5. CaptNugget

    Newest Find...’84 Honda ATC 110 in SuperiorBlue

    Figured I had time to get on and post my newest find It’s a 1984 Honda ATC 110 in SuperiorBlue The blue Honda’s seem to be considered rare as it was only an option in 83-and part of 84 and 84s seem to be even more rare It’s a basket case but still cool, looks mostly or all there and the rarity...
  6. 3DB12C13-12BF-4F0C-8493-E0FA164190A9.jpeg


    ‘84 Honda ATC 110 SuperiorBlue
  7. agent001

    Lil Blue rides again

    Cleaned out the garage and found this ol girl sitting in the corner. This was the 1st db I ever rebuilt. When I bought it for $20 off cl it was a frame, wheels, 3.5hp anchor, and a bungee cord. I think it was around 2012 when I built it... never added the cool kidney bean double tank I had...
  8. Rupp_It_Up

    Speedway Frame - Red Baron, Green Horn, El Tigre, Blue Angle or Widowmaker

    1973 Speedway Red Baron Frame could be used for any 14" wheel bike. Good solid frame - no cracks or repairs but it does have surface rust and pitting around the seat frame. Foot peg mounting holes need some TLC. $90 + S/H Thanks, Charlie (860) 483-1578
  9. BWL

    Got'em! Blue catfish on the troll
  10. R

    Kmart Scrambler (blue) early 69/70

    I grew up north of Detroit. My father and I bought a Scrambler minibike at Kmart. It was blue. I for some stupid reason never took a picture. Does anyone remember this minibike or has a picture? Thanks Doug
  11. drenchedgremlin

    What model bonanza could be blue with a scrub brake?

    Someone is selling their roller for $75 but wasnt able to send me pictures. They described it as metallic blue bonanza with a scrub brake. Im not sure but is it true that only certain model bonanzas had a scrub brake? thinking about driving out to take a look, but id like to have a idea what id...
  12. The Project

    The Project

    Well, it's ugly, but it's a start. JCPenney Foremost "Big Blue".
  13. W

    Does anyone know what the blue bike is in here

    I'm looking at all the blue bike in this picture. Does it look like a model you know of Thanks
  14. jeffdubb8

    Broncco Grips: Green, Blue, Red, Black

    Looking for GREEN, BLUE or RED Broncco grips. Preferably in good condition. Willing to pay decent money for ones in nice condition :thumbsup:
  15. steven Durham

    I'm just a lonley boy lonley and blue

    Took a 400 mile round trip yesterday and found a GEM and it does need polishing. It is a Trail Master 80 made right here in my new town Astoria, Oregon has a Hodaka 80 cc engine. Kind of a personal birthday gift as I am 72 years OLD OLD OLD today today I will work on getting pictures tomorrow...
  16. cudaman

    Baja Warrior lighting coil on blue clone engine.

    I just picked up an old Baja warrior with a tired motor for my daughter. We just got a warrior promod jackshaft kit, header, cone filter, etc. We have a new spare blue clone motor and we are planning to drop it in the warrior. My question is (have not taken the warrior apart yet) will the...
  17. LSCustoms

    Project "Blue Angel/F#!K Cancer"- GX390 Powered MiniBike

    I am not sure what to call this one (not that my projects need names, lol). In keeping my promise to make an attempt to move forward and remain positive, I decided to share a project I have been working on more recently and get you guys and gals a little better caught up on it! A few months...
  18. B

    JC Penneys Big Blue

    Hello I have a jc penneys big blue mini bike that i have redone all but the stickers can anyone help me with this were to buy some thanks Joe
  19. M

    Montgomery Wards mini bike paint code (Light blue)

    Does anyone know the paint code for the early to mod 70's paint code for a Montgomery wards minibike? The color is light blue. Russ
  20. thejoker

    Worst case of blue balls ever.

    Derek came out to pickup a bike last night. This is my bike with his seat on it. The closest I've come in 3 years to a seat for my Endura.