1. capguncowboy

    NOS Cherry Grips (For Bonanza MX)

    I need a set of Cherry grips, my bike has two left sides on it :doah: (7/8 and 1") I might be able to make do with just the throttle side (1 inch) if it's in nice shape Thanks!
  2. Not so mini bike

    Bonanza original grips and throttle (Cherry)

    These are 7/8" throttle and grip set. Throttle housing and grips and cherry. Great condition. One scuffed spot on the dummy grip. $60 shipped.
  3. T

    What is correct re. Cherry Brake Levers, Taco 44, 1967

    1967 Taco 44. What is the correct Cherry Brake Lever. One picture is a riveted lever with the handle bar bolts threaded into the lever (no nuts). It also has a circled R stamped into the bracket. The other picture is an original 1967 Taco 44. All using nuts and bolts. Is the riveted...
  4. Biffmini

    Cherry brake levers

    I have five sets 7/8" left
  5. Ajf

    Cherry 7/8" lever ball end with adjuster

    Looking for a pair of nos cherry 7/8" right and left brake lever with the cable adjuster and ball end. Also interested if you have just a left or a right one. Thank you.
  6. KustomKartKid

    Misc Throttle Lot Cherry Doherty

    Box of misc throttles and grips. Doherty rubber grip has a hole in the end. Perfect for a survivor Bonanza. All for one price: $25 shipped for all
  7. markus

    Cherry throttle grip needed 7/8" bars

    Looking for the "Sonny to my Cher", need the THROTTLE side match to this cherry japan made grip for 7/8" bars so its actualy a 1" grip, with or without the throttle assembly as I have plenty of donors of those. Decent shape, scratches and some wear OK but no blown out or ripped outside end...
  8. Biffmini

    NOS Cherry fenders

    Nice mint bright chrome front & rear, Fronts with 2 & 4 hole / Rear left & right. $14.00 each plus actual ship cost.. I have a few, can get more if there is a interest. I'm keeping a few, these are nice!
  9. derekbmn

    Cherry Throttle Grip L@@K

    Looking for this particular style Cherry (throttle side) grip....PLEASE PM me if ya have one :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  10. Biffmini

    NOS 4" Cherry Brake w/ drum

    I'm not sure what this will fit, drum is 4 3/16" ID / # 2071 Brake drum $35.00 shipped have two to sell.
  11. C

    "Cherry"....what are they?

    Cherry brake levers........Who used these?.....Who made them?

    FS Cherry Checkerboard grips NOS

    Selling 6 Cherry Checkerboard grips in one lot,similar to the lil indian grips,but shorter,also look to be for 1 inch bars,some have nylon inserts,one is a 7/8 insert,so I guess they could be made to fit 7/8 bars with an added insert on the dummy side,Cherry Japan $40.00 plus $5.00 shipping
  13. Sixpac440

    Cherry 7/8" Brake Lever Mint on Card ... MI Mini Mitt Approved!!

    This is a new on the card 7/8" Cherry brake lever. MI Mini Mitt who recently fell victim to poor braking says: "I always recommend quality brake equipment!" This is a Cherry brand that's "easy to install" & is the "finest quality"! For bicycle, mini bike & recreational vehicle. Fits...
  14. Arthur Kill

    I Just (re)Broke My Cherry

    Well, after gaining a lot of quality knowledge from the users at OldMiniBikes, more than a month of searching and a very bad jones, I finally purchased a (old style) Doodle Bug Mini Bike today. Why I wanted one so bad, I have no idea? I owned 2 or 3 as a kid and have been riding very fast/powerful...
  15. patrick2260

    Cherry Brake Levers

    So I'm trying to buy a brake lever for my Bonanza BC 1300 restore. Ebay has Cherry levers new that they found in a barn as you may have seen for 12.95. I need a 1 inch. The levers on ebay are 7/8 inch but can also be used for 1 inch. Is this true, 7/8 inch can be used on 1 inch bars? I...
  16. Mr.Moose

    The Cherry Bomb!

    OK, it was an extremely tough decision but I think that I am ready to sell my first real project. The build can be found on the forum: I am selling to fund my new project. The bike will include the original build...
  17. Bonanza Bryan

    Cherry Gripps

    Check these out. Its a project my dad and I have done. If they sell pretty well we will start popping them out. 1" Reproduction Cherry Grips