1. hbernoff

    powder coating or paint

    should i do powder coating or paint on my mini bike? which one is cheaper and also how much does it cost to get a mini bike sand blasted? its for a huskee trail rider
  2. J

    Powder Coating

    Has anyone had any luck powder coating a 5 hp briggs motor or any other mini bike moter. I want to coat the case, head and side covers. Anyone ???
  3. 1stlegendtx

    Taco Powder coating pictures

    I stopped buy the powder coating shop yesterday to see weather or not I want to have my Taco powder coated. After looking at the color choices it seems that the only way to get the color right is to do a two stage coat. Unfortunately that makes it cost twice as much:doah:. Has anyone had a Taco...
  4. jreed1337

    Powder coating vs. Spray paint?

    Hi guys, I am finishing up my DB and I don't know what to do about the paint. It seems like you all powdercoat your frames. Is that an expensive process? I am working on a very limited budget. Is spraypainting acceptable, or should I save and powdercoat? What are the advantages...
  5. 1stlegendtx

    Powder coating wheels...Pictures

    I am thinking about having some wheels powder coated. If anyone has had theirs done I would love to see a closeup picture of how they turned out. Thanks
  6. H

    minibike paint stripping and powder coating

    minibike paint stripping and powder coating $110.00 local only please
  7. legmann

    powder coating in michigan

    Im looking to get my speedway frame and gas tank glass beaded and powder coated. Anyone no roughly what this would cost and of a place that does it in the metro detroit area? thanks :drinkup:
  8. A

    Powder Coating

    Hey, If anyone has any questions with regards to powder coating, please let me know, its best if you get your information from a professional, instead of listening to rumors about it. is the website if you feel the urge. We have done many projects with bikes in general so...
  9. T

    Powder coating

    I am in process of powder coating sporster 2 frame but on the swing arm there's a rubber/steel bushing I can not remove, if left on will it be a problem during powder coating, or can some one tell me how to remove it. thanks
  10. steven Durham

    Powder Coating is it tough enough ??

    Well I have seen some nice Go Power wheels powder coated gold and other parts done that look real nice. But is it tough enough for a non show action bike on that will hit the trail ?? Is custom powder coating better that some of the run of the mill products that claim to be powder coated ...
  11. ohman11

    Powder Coating

    What would you guys say is a fair price to have a small frame and forks powder coated?
  12. steven Durham

    Powder coating at home

    I wonder how hard it would be to set up to do powder coating at home ? Mini bike part frames are small parts like our wheel half's and front end parts. and possibly even frames. Anyone ever try using an electric range for a heat source ? I know Oldsalt did some home plating and that looked...