1. K

    Aircraft tires, dual disc brakes, belt clutch transmission; not a Cushman

    Hi! - Old Minibike members once helped me track down an old odd machine - turned out it was a plan/kit bike whose construction had me baffled. Some parts were very professional, while others were made with pliers and conduit. Thanks again for that one. This one, however, I present as a...
  2. D

    Cushman tires

    Looking for tires 4.75X7.75 for Cushman Eagle
  3. RustyRedneck

    Cushman Trailster reassambly

    Hey fellas, I dug out my Cushman trailster last night and started putting it back together. Might try to get it in a winter car show coming up in February. I think I've found most of the parts for it but I'm not sure. Mainly what I'm concerned about is the transmission. I have the...
  4. Studeman68

    Cushman Scooter...

    Hmmmmm...:out: Tote Gote or Sidekick I'm thinkin...but I love the price.. CUSHMAN SCOOTER /FORK'S ETC... BEEN MODIFIED //FREE SHIPPING// | eBay
  5. C

    Cushman Minibikes?

    Passing out candy tonight, I had my Gilson Wide Body at the curb lit-up w/neon green strobe. Some guy asked about it and then told me that he and another fellow are starting to build minibikes under the Cushman name in Gardena, CA. I think scooters when I think Cushman but not full-on minis...
  6. AboveUpNorth

    Cushman scooter? Need help with identification please

    Ran across this for sale locally and I'm not certain what it is. Hopefully someone here can help me out on a brand and model.
  7. A

    1960s Cushman trailster

    No motor, bad tires....rough but $100 bill
  8. Docdc

    Cushman Minute Mizer

    Here is an interesting restoration project. This is a Cushman Minute Miser. According to the Cushman factory, this was sold only to the Burlington Northern railroad and they bought approximately 20 to 35 a year. It was used as a track inspection car. It has an 8hp lighted gas Kohler engine that...
  9. t555trailblazer

    Cushman Trailster gas tank

    1962 cushman Trailster gas tank. It has a squared off look to it. If anybody has one or know somebody who does I would surely be interested.
  10. C


    i found an local add that says this bike is a 70 cushman. not sure if it is true. from pictures i have seen the handle bars are wrong for a cushman. the price is decent and thinking about picking it up any help would be great
  11. YOOP


  12. redclayhd

    Scold me if I need it!!!

    I'm not sure if this should go here or in off topic or where--- Did anyone in the South East (or elsewhere for that matter) make it to the South Eastern Cushman Assoc. meet in Perry Georgia last week? I wanted to go but just did not make it. Of course my Cushman is in 1000 pieces anyway, so I...
  13. thebronc4019

    Cushman Scooter Winter Project

    Last spring I purchased a 1947 Cushman "Step Thru" Scooter Model #54. I posted some pictures of it but am unable to retrieve old threads ever since the OldMiniBikes website was updated. I am posting these pictures again as I have now started on this project. Although I have owned it since April 2014 I...
  14. jeep4me

    1961 Cushman Trailster

    As much as I like this bike, I'm going to offer it up for sale or trade. From what I can tell this is a nearly complete, original Trailster. Has the larger 7.5-8hp Cushman engine (some came with a 4hp engine). Kick start, lighting coil and lights all work. Engine runs good, but is a little...
  15. jeep4me

    Cushman Trailster

    I just made a trade to get this nice old Cushman Trailster. Seems to be mostly original. The guy drove all the way from Minnesota to make the trade. Can't thank him enough.:thumbsup: Traded one bike, a few motors, a tav and a little $$. I feel like I got a great deal. Need to adjust the...
  16. MoTo-BunnY

    1952 CUSHMAN Husky Engine M6 M7-2 M7-3 M8 Engines Instruction Manual & Parts List

    Here is an rare ORIGINAL 1952 Cushman "Husky" air cooled engines instruction book / light service & maintenance manual / parts list for the M6, M7 (-2 & -3), and M8 engines. This manual contains basic operation, adjustments, and maintenance plus full parts lists with exploded diagrams. OK...
  17. YOOP

    62 cushman trailster

    1962 Cushman Trailster - WOW! A BEAUTY! - PRICE REDUCED!
  18. steven Durham

    CUSHMAN PARTS ( Carpenter )

    I have a Cushman step through 50 or 60 series frame that I bought to make a trike out of and it was missing the front wheel and fender. So I purchased the re-poped parts all from Dennis Carpenter. I have every part for the front axle and all the bearings and seals the wheel tube and tire. Well...
  19. R

    1950 Cushman "HIGHLANDER" for sale!

    1950 Cushman "HIGHLANDER"scooter for sale. This is an amature restoration but it came out pretty nice. It does not have the original motor. It has a new 212cc Predator motor. I am in Huntsville Al. and I am open to delivery or any suggested type of shipping. I am asking $700.00 for the Antique...
  20. thebronc4019

    1947 Cushman "Step-Thru" Scooter

    I just got this. I have to resist working on it so I have a project for next winter. It is mechanically sound with a freshly rebuilt engine but the body is atrocious. It came with a title so I can register it and drive it on the street, slowly due to the fact that it is severely...