1. Silverfleet

    Swap Meet Death Trap

    Hi Everybody, I just picked up this thing at a swap meet over the weekend. It appears to have an 8hp Tecumseh on it, and it's a bit scary. I've already started tearing it down and started shopping for some parts. Anyone recognize the frame? Any and all help would be much...
  2. Sixpac440

    Mini Bike Death in Detroit .... Poll, Whos responsible?

    Who is at fault? The Mini Bike Rider The Police Both Other
  3. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Death Wish???

    Found this surfing CL. Hope a member wasn't building this. Kinda looks like a gurney on two wheels. Posting said it needed brakes...really that's all?:doah:
  4. rollin2

    Pipe trike death trap.

    This is on a facebook sale site. Not getting on that thing.
  5. Twid

    victorian death photos

    Google it it is some creepy stuff happy holiday! :hack::death:
  6. F

    Frank2's Manco "Death Machine"

    I had this mini bike for the last 18 years and decided to finally replace the very tired 3.5hp engine with the very common Predator 212cc. Then things snowballed out of control and I started modifying it because the 72 tooth rear sprocket basically made it a wheelie machine, and practically...
  7. incogrhino

    anyone ever ship a trike body?

    Just wondering if and what is the best way to get a trike body across country. Mudbug73 is in need.....and I happen to have a mud bug body in my stash. My biggest reservation is it meeting it's death on the trip. I know we got some ninja packers on here. Any suggestions? Uship?
  8. David wulf

    What's a good 6" tire for a nanza

    Like it says in need of some better rubber for my brothers nanza . It has sawtooths on it now and there not real smooth , first time out today and it scared me to death from the shake . In the afternoon they were better but wanting something better for high speed running . Any suggestions .
  9. derekbmn

    A Fierce Battle To The Death !!!

    Anybody on here Bid ??? Cat Minibike Clutch Cover Chain Guard | eBay
  10. jeep2003

    Overkill and Multi Engined Death Traps

    Post any machines with crazy amounts of engine :thumbsup:
  11. D

    To be or not be?...The life or death of a mini bike.

    Hello all, I have been working on a Broncco T/C-4 for a while now. It looks great and has a lot of things going for it, and the engine is strong. I really love this minibike. Yet, as I get further along in re-assembling it, my nightmares are becoming more of a reality. I didn't notice...
  12. jeep4me

    Skunks Death Trike

    Contacted a fellow OldMiniBikes member on here who goes by the call name "Skunk". He had this old trike thingy. Thought I could help him get it up and going. Besides, I think it's pretty cool. Anyway, Skunk (Scott), dropped off the trike tonite and I pulled out a few parts I had stashed away. We...
  13. trailramdan

    Death on 4 wheels

    Shifter kart
  14. leathernun666

    This is why the death penalty should be abolished

    (Trio wrongfully convicted of murder released after 18 years in prison - U.S. News) Could you imagine spending almost 20 years in jail for crime you didn't commit. :sad:
  15. Iron Honky

    doodle death machine update

    New header pipe installed and new billet air filter adapter and filter installed today. Removed the engine decals. Monday gonna put the new engine mount on the right way so my chain doesnt pop off anymore. Thinking stainless steel chain to give it some bling hahaha.
  16. Iron Honky

    doodle death machine

    Got a common boring doodle bug. Stripped it down and painted it flat black. Then I put a predator 212cc clone motor on it. Next step is mounting a skull head on the front fender and getting custom decals for it. I'm new to this site and just thinking what you guys think. :scooter:

    Death Row Last Meal

    Okay, suppose you have been convicted of the heinous crime of mutilating a rare mini bike into a clone powered drag bike, punishable by death.:shrug::doah: Anyway, you are on death row and have a half of an hour to determine your last meal.....bear with me... What would that meal be...
  18. leathernun666

    Death Trap Franken bike

    (18.5 hp v-twin mini bike)
  19. mmisterbungl

    This guy has a death wish

    I wonder how many times he gets arrested for this stuff? Or beat the hell up? This is the same guy that does the Remi Kart videos. YouTube - 1999/2009 (Rémi GAILLARD)
  20. L

    death bug

    the OHV vent filter was not attached for pic, its there tho! the seat is smooth ahh a big relief on my spine, front shocks and a metal clutch cover next. i think this forum for the inspiration to make the bike