1. A

    baja doodle bug conversion project

    does any one know where to get a conversion kit to a 6.5hp engine for a doodle bug?:scooter:
  2. nds1968

    Doodle Bug Trike

    Not mine, looks like fun.
  3. P

    How are doodle bug frames????

    I'm new to the mini bikes and dont no to much ....I'm lookn at a doodle bug frame but I don't no will it hold up to a 212 predator with a stage 2 mod kit from omb friend siad there junk any info will be appreciate it thank you
  4. chopperbunch

    Fox Doodle Bug Project

    I "completed" this Fox Doodle Bug last August. Sorry for the delay... got frustrated with inability to upload photos, then got preoccupied with other activities. I cannot thank docdc enough. He ordered and worked on all of the axles, did some grinding (with the bike) and generally inspired...
  5. P

    Looking for a doodle bug or mini bike

    Hi in from NM I'm looking for a doodle bug or mini bike if your in or be NM hit me up thank you
  6. xr7gt

    Fox doodle bug?

  7. Valocalrep

    Hydraulic Doodle brake

    Looking for a Hydraulic Doodle brake setup (lever line and caliper) figured i would check here before i just order new from HRMB
  8. D

    WTB Doodle bug

    Looking for a Doodle bug Db-30RR frame and forks. Newer style frame.
  9. R

    Motovox Mbx10 ??? v. Doodle Bug Adapter

    I am wanting to put the doodle bug adapter sprocket on my Motovox so I can utilize all of these split sprockets I have acquired. My question is just to make sure ... Will the DB adapter work on the motovox wheel? I saw in a few searches where one guy said yea and the dude said he sad going to do...
  10. S

    new to mini bikes- clutch issue on Baja Doodle Bug

    Hello, I just picked up a baja doodle buy on craigslist. Bike looks to be in great condition except the previous owner's daughter ran into the garage and bent the forks all up. I took front end apart and bent everything back to shape. Got the bike started up on the second pull but noticed...
  11. D

    Doodle Bug Forks Needed

    I have the newer style Doodlebug called the Dirt Bug and unfortunately the crazy handlebars are bent too far back for me and they are very cramped. The local fabrication shop wants 100 bills to bend them forward me. :hammer: Really that's crazy so I'm looking to upgrade them before I get to knee...
  12. Eurotech67

    New guy with a doodle

    Been lurking for a few months, been into mini's for years but life got in the way, finally able to start playing again and of coarse get snowed in the second I get one finshed, oh well went out any way. Here's some pics. Just want to say thanks to the forum for the inspiration and ideas I've...
  13. B

    301cc Predator 8hp - Put one on my doodle bug & engine info inside

    So a lot of people know now of the harbor freight 8hp 301cc engine they put out - but there isn't much info out there on them. I Now have one on my doodle/baja bug - and hopefully I can help answer some questions. It uses the same gaskets/head as the honda 270 - and pretty much everything that...
  14. ratsrods

    Fox Doodle Bug

    Nicely restored Doodle bug Mini bike, Completely sand blasted and powder coated chassis and wheels and motor parts. 7 HP stage one clone from NR racing, it is very fast and has a lot of torque. Seat is by Kenny A member on No expense spared, Bike is like new and all original...
  15. 2SlickNick

    Improving my Doodle Bug

    I have removed my homemade jackshaft and mount that housed my 20 series 7" driven. I have replaced that with a 30 series. I have cut the devil's tail sissy bar and angled it down. It was to dangerous sticking out like I had it...
  16. E

    looking for a doodle bug mini bike

    hi I'm looking for a doodle bug mini bike anyone has one for sell ?:confused: I live in fortmyers florida
  17. S

    What Bike is This? Doodle Bug Maybe?

    Hi, I picked up this minibike for $100. I've searched all over the forum and found a couple Similar Doodle Bugs. Thanks in advance. I've never had a mini bike before and this thing is fun. ST_Fan
  18. T

    Doodle bug donkey punch

    I'm working on my second minibike build. Thought I had the engine already to go. Temp Up a gas tank put on some to safety glasses a pair of gloves and set up a fire extinguisher, Just in case. Pulling the cord I noticed it was a little springy not easy ..... But then it started !!!!!! An...
  19. Baja Motovox

    Baja Motovox

    Baja Motovox
  20. Baja Motovox

    Baja Motovox

    Baja Motovox