1. Fox Sundowner exhaust

    Fox Sundowner exhaust

    Need Suggestions for exhaust for Predator 212cc install on fox sundowner frame
  2. Fox Sundowner exhaust

    Fox Sundowner exhaust

    Need Suggestions for exhaust for Predator 212cc install on fox sundowner frame
  3. J

    Tecumseh exhaust locknuts

    I'm looking for 2 NOS Tecumseh H50 exhaust locknuts. The thick ones used on Rupps.
  4. B

    Mtd exhaust

    Looking for the exhaust for an mtd the one that sits over the rear fender.
  5. Studeman68

    Boonie Bike Exhaust Adapter Needed

    I acquired the optional deluxe muffler/spark arrestor or for my Boonie project but I still need the adapter they used to raise/offset the exhaust port so this muffler will clear the fuel tank... It's the one that looks like a block... Any help would be greatly appreciated... Thanks...Steve
  6. Phil1958

    WTB Hodaka ACE 100 and Bonanza Exhaust.

    I want a running complete Hodaka Ace 100 Engine, no basket cases. The expansion chamber must be solid, serviceable, and repairable. nothing that cannot be repaired. PM me with pics and your price including shipping to New York 13679. :thumbsup: phil
  7. Aston jag

    Exhaust connection help

    I have a Loncin 125cc clone engine. It is a horizontal four-stroke with gearbox. I'm needing to fab or otherwise obtain an exhaust system for my conventional, old school minibike. The exhaust manifold studs are 45mm center-to-center. The port is 33mm in diameter. For whatever its worth...
  8. Not so mini bike

    Side popper exhaust

    This is the exhaust that has yet to be identified. Looks like it should fit a Tecumseh side popper. I don't have one so I can't be sure. It's definitely a nice piece. Thick tubing and custom finned mount. $75 shipped
  9. Not so mini bike

    Pit bike exhaust

    This would be great for a custom exhaust for a build off bike. Super light aluminum exhaust. Dimensions in pic $50 shipped
  10. K

    Exhaust upgrade????

    Hi guys. When I purchased my Chinese go kart they threw in an upgraded exhaust. Straight out of the box I thought jeez the header is so much smaller than the exhaust port. I thought the factory one must be really restrictive. As you can see in the photos the exhaust port is 26mm/ 1 inch...
  11. bikesisbikes

    Predator exhaust header

    I'm getting all the parts gathered up for my build. I like the looks of this header but would really like some advice on how well it works and sounds. Has anyone installed the particular header? How do you like it? How is the sound/volume? It appears the placement would almost dictate the use...
  12. boatguy

    West Bend 580 Exhaust Header

    Looking for a trumpet style exhaust header for a West Bend 580 motor. Anyone know where I can find one for a Build Off bike? Thanks.
  13. Stitch

    CT200U Finished with 212cc upgrades - Nice exhaust mod

    Well, it's 99% finished. Got the TAV mounted with a frame mod. I still have to wrap the exhaust. I bought the OldMiniBikes 1" go kart exhaust with screw on muffler for Predator 212cc. https://www.OldMiniBikes.com/1-Go-Kart-Exhaust-w-Screw-on-Muffler-Predator-212cc.html?category_id=704 Great deal! I just...
  14. J

    Rupp 68 TT500 69 Roadster Tecumseh exhaust 45 degree elbow

    I am looking for an original 45 degree exhaust elbow for an H50 Tecumseh from 68 or 69.:helpsmilie:
  15. V

    Tip,Cheap bends for exhaust tubing.

    Harbor freight item 97145 motorcycle wheel chock cheap pipe to cut apart for custom exhausts.
  16. H

    green horn exhaust

    looking for a exhaust for green horn pm
  17. gammatg

    Wanted h35 exhaust for a slanted intake motor

    Looking for a correct exhaust for this.
  18. B

    Tecumseh hs50 exhaust flange

    Looking for an exhaust flange for a hs50. Thanks.
  19. CarPlayLB

    Briggs Raptor-5HP/TEC H50 chrome exhaust

    Here is a lovingly chromed header for the Briggs Raptor-5HP or Tec H50 engines. This has been tig welded with a RLV muffler added. This is unused, fresh from the plater! Total length is just under 11 1/2". Looking for $80 shipped lower 48
  20. Biffmini

    Chrome exhaust heat shield w/clips

    Have three to sell, 7" w/clips $17.00 shipped. Extra clips available!