1. R

    Predator 212 with air filter, jet, e-tube, and exhaust, fuel use question.

    Hi guys, I've been gone from the forums for almost two years, due to health issues and losing my internet and electricity due to medical bills, but I'm doing a bit better now, got everything turned back on and started working on my Baja MB200 again. So, here's where my question comes in. I...

    Another (dumb?) question on exhaust pipes

    I fabbed up a straight pipe for my baja. Once on, without support, the pipe vibrates a lot. It this just the pipe flexing, or do engines actually move around some while running? I realize some sort of semi flexible mount is needed. My fear is that the vibration if mounted too firmly will...
  3. MiniDan99

    Valve guide (exhaust) seems loose HSSK50-67394S 5hp

    I'm on a small tablet so its hard to search these things so I'm hoping someone knows off-hand. I removed this engine from my snowblower because I thought the head gasket was gone, but nope...it seems to be the absence of any valve lash (exhaust valve only)..which i think i can handle...
  4. R

    Looking for the quietest possible exhaust.

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if you guys can give me some suggestions on how to make my engine as quiet as possible while maintaining performance of a Predator 212cc. If you have an audio file, or video, which can demonstrate the sound as well that would be extremely appreciated. Thanks guys!
  5. Fisher1983

    MBX11 exhaust for old style DB30?

    Would anybody happen to know if the new underseat chrome exhaust for the new MBX11 fits on the stock 97cc old DB30 engine? I might be interested in it if it fits my engines port.
  6. Peekster

    Tecumseh slant intake and exhaust

    Nice Hs40 slant intake. media blasted $40 shipped. Taylor exhaust Has been repaired. $42 shipped
  7. Mark G

    NOS Rupp Tecumseh HS Thick Exhaust Nuts

    Great news! I was able to pick up a few more genuine Tecumseh Thick Exhaust nuts. They are NOS, on a Rupp card. There are three per card. I also have them loose, still NOS but no packaging. 3 on the Rupp card-$25 bucks 3 Loose-$20 bucks. Both prices include shipping. Apparently...
  8. derekbmn

    ~** Tecumseh Exhaust Lock Nut**~

    Looking for these....the correct Tecumseh nuts have 6 "Points" or ends on them (Briggs have 8) and are thick. PLEASE do not suggest I look for conduit nuts.....those are similar but NOT the same. (much thinner) Heres a pic of exactly what I am looking for.....Please PM me. Thanks in advance...
  9. L

    Under seat exit exhaust + rlv muffler + muffler clamp

    50$ shipped, lightly used wrapped in header wrap, the picture of it installed is on a doodlebug
  10. B

    Broken exhaust bolt???

    Trying to get this exhaust bolt out without braking it off further. I've been hitting it with PB blaster for a day now and it won't budge, any ideas? Thanks
  11. R

    exhaust for a Bonanza BC 1300

    I need the correct exhaust for a Bonanza so that I can use the tank that goes under the seat.
  12. Not so mini bike

    Rupp exhaust pipe

    Rupp exhaust pipe w/exhaust manifold. Not rusted up. $45 shipped
  13. Midyrman

    EBay- Bonanza BC fenders and 1300-1400 exhaust pipe and guard

    2 days left. Bonanza Mini Bike 1300 1400 Exhaust Pipe and Guard Original | eBay Bonanza Mini Bike 1200 1300 1400 1500 Fenders | eBay
  14. Ajf

    1970 speedway silver shadow exhaust

    I'm looking for an exhaust for a 1970 speedway silver shadow. Please pm or if your not an OldMiniBikes member email me at aaronfriedl@yahoo.com .
  15. myjunk

    Anyone have an exhaust heat shield for a 1970 Rupp?

    Looking for the heat shield that fits the 1970 Rupp enduro and roadster, doesn't have to be show, just useable. Thanks
  16. B

    Hs40 exhaust gasket

    Hi everyone! Where can I get a exhaust gasket for my hs40? Thanks
  17. blkscorpion80

    Nos hs40 exhaust

    $10 a piece
  18. N

    GX120 Exhaust

    I have a GX120 in my Fox. Engine runs great but it has the stock exhaust that exits into my leg. Will an exhaust for a GX160-GX200 work with this engine?
  19. RideSF

    WTB Hodaka exhaust for Bonanza

    Looking for exhaust pipe for a Hodaka on a Bonanza BC1400 thanks.
  20. JohnnyTillotson

    Exhaust shield

    I have the exhaust for the Toyoco Beta 400 (or if its not THE one its damn close) but no heat shield. The bottom is mine and the top is from a Toyoco ad. I'm just looking for something close. Doesn't have to be exact. Something with a lot of rows and columns like that one. I like how...