1. danford1

    Predator 212 Honda/Clone Throtle kit OldMiniBikes

    I have this kit. I'm going to attempt to install this on a Greyhound clone. I was looking at the parts and since there aren't any instructions with it, I'm confused. How does it go on? Does anyone have a picture showing...
  2. trinik7597

    Arc Honda/clone flywheel

    Arc gx200/clone flywheel excellent condition $65 shipped
  3. CarPlayLB

    Honda/clone choke idea

    Hello All. I wanted a different way to put the choke lever on a clone carb without the bracket so I could choose whatever air cleaner I wanted....and here's what I did! I drilled an tapped the choke boss for a #8 screw and drilled a corresponding hole into the top of the choke lever. I used a...
  4. 125ccCrazy

    Has anyone here done a Big Block Honda/Clone conversion on a TS50?

    I got one of the 420cc Clones that I'm contemplating putting on a TS50 project I have, the original plan was a mild built Tec H70 I have almost ready to go but now considering a BB...just curious if anyone has done this conversion and if they used the stock jackshaft mount with a 40 series...
  5. leafvillage

    Predator 212cc Honda/Clone Throttle Kit

    Hello, OldMiniBikes sells a kit Predator 212cc Honda/Clone Throttle Kit. Will this kit work on my predator 79cc engine? for my mini bike? please help, thanks that is the link to the kit
  6. 125ccCrazy

    big block Honda/Clone performance parts

    looking for a cam 275-310 lift, billet rod, 92mm piston, 5/16 guide plate.
  7. Full Throttle

    CDI for honda/clone

    Has anybody tried to develop a CDI for honda /clone engine . I think i may have one figured out but still in R&D stage. Will give more info when i get all my parts in and do some testing. But it should be possible and i think i have finally figured it out. Gonna try at least. Any input ? All...
  8. OND

    Honda/Clone Predator Header

    I've got this Clone header for sale, $25.00 shipped for free any where in the lower 48 states. Header is 18" long and 1" od.
  9. Dragbikemini

    Honda/Clone Stuff :devil2:Located at 10509. $500 plus shipping. Fresh GX200 with AGK 276 lift cam. Crank keyway is little worn. Fresh Champion. 3 heads are Honda. Lots of parts. 390 Carb and adaptor. F&B 3 stage header. Both race heads are...
  10. Street Smart

    WTB 6.5 Honda/clone crankshaft.

    Looking to piece back together a 6.5 clone motor (yellow engine cover). I need a nice crankshaft. I also need a rod and piston, but might get a billet rod and a better piston. LMK what you got. Thanks Charlie "Street Smart".
  11. I

    honda/clone 6.5 stock carb

    just as the tittle says honda/clone 6.5 carb. was bought for 50 bucks you can purchase it for $15.00 plus shipping. o ya its NEW i do believe never used out of california moneyorder prefered for this one i might paypal or other forms of payments click on pics to make them bigger
  12. FirePowerMinis

    Honda/Clone head gasket in MI, NOW!

    Found one.
  13. A

    Billet Flywheel Honda/Clone GX200

    Basically new, bought 2 months ago from OldMiniBikes, never used it. 100$ shipped in USA / Canada.
  14. Honda Mini Bike

    Honda Mini Bike

  15. Honda/Clone carbuerator removal

    Honda/Clone carbuerator removal

    I removed a carbuerator now what size dirt bike carn can i use?
  16. metalhead100

    Honda/clone basic carb cleaning detail pic

    Honda/clone basic carb cleaning detail pic Needs to be a Sticky!
  17. 5

    Anyone With Measurements For Honda/Clone Engines?

    Hi. I'd like to install a billet flywheel onto my EX-17 Robin. However, the vendors I've contacted don't have aftermarket 'wheels for it. No one knows if the Honda/clone flywheel will fit any Robin engines. If someone out there can post specifications on Hondas or clones, I can compare them...
  18. viki

    Lightest weight billet aluminum flywheel Honda/Clone

    We now carry the lightest weight billet aluminum flywheel on the market made by RacesEng for the Honda/Clone motor: RacesEng S1 Billet Aluminum Finned Flywheel - If you are racing in the box stock class, billet flywheels are now mandatory and this one is a great choice. - If you are not...
  19. S

    Honda/Clone NR-racing carb kit

    Bored OEM honda Carburetor with billet airfilter adapter and K&N style filter. $65+Shipping
  20. turftech 1

    Will a Honda/Clone fit in this?

    Hi all, Looking for a home for one of the $99 Predators I recently purchased. Anyone know if a Clone will fit in one of these? It is a Heald Trail Bronc, one of the kit bikes they sold, I think it was back in the 80s. Here is a pic: Thanks for any replies, especially from anyone who...