1. leathernun666

    Lighted HS40

    Went to look at a Fox Street Scamp today, and the bike was a hillbilly resto at best. Too much work. But I did pick up the original HS40 motor :thumbsup: Comes with this funky clutch and the Fox clutch guard bracket he forgot to take off.:laugh:. I have not done a thing to it, does not even...
  2. The Restore Kid

    Tecumseh Lighted H-50 wheel

    I have a H50 that needs the correct aluminum lighted flywheel.. Might consider a nice iron H60 flywheel if theres NO loose magnets or issues.. What do ya have? :shrug:
  3. leathernun666

    WTB lighted Tecumseh flywheel

    I am looking for a big block Tecumseh flywheel for a lighted motor without the ring gear for a starter on it. I picked up a HH60 lighted motor, a while ago, and I got the correct mini bike linkage and everything but now a standard recoil cover wont fit. And I want one without the starter hump...
  4. briggs 5 horses

    briggs 5 horses

  5. Rupp nearly done

    Rupp nearly done

    Got all of my brackets built, lights rigged and bolted on.. Just needs wired, new chains.. Finished up.. HOPEFULLY Greg finds the original damn seat for it :hammer:
  6. 69 Goat spring 2011

    69 Goat spring 2011

    redoing the ugly ole goat with fully functioning lights and lighted Briggs 5 horse flatty
  7. lighted mini bike

    lighted mini bike

    lighted mini bike
  8. lighted mini bike

    lighted mini bike

    lighted mini bike
  9. Lighted mini bike

    Lighted mini bike

    weekend project
  10. jbrewton

    Tecumseh 5 HP lighted for Allis

    I know this is a stretch but anyone have a reasonable pretty complete Tec 5 HP lighted motor, vintage correct???? White would be best since that's where it needs to end up! I've found plenty of 3.5 and 4's around but not lighted ?????? Got an Allis that's going to need it to be original...
  11. leathernun666

    Scored a lighted 6hp Tec on Ebay

    I just scored a nice 6hp Tec with lighting coil for $99 and its within driving distance so no shipping :thumbsup:
  12. markus

    non lighted flywheel for 1970 HS40??

    Anyone have a part number or something specific I should be looking for on these. Looking to pick up a NON lighted flywheel for a 1970 HS40-It is off a Rupp and was lighted if that matters.
  13. leathernun666

    Lighted H70 on Ebay

    (Tecumseh H70 Heald Super Bronc Rupp Powell /MIni Bike - eBay (item 250760263799 end time Jan-24-11 07:42:26 PST))
  14. Fat Boy

    Lighted HS40 Flywheel and Light Coil

    $200.00 Shipped for the Lighting Coil and FlyWheel off this motor I am trying to put together some funds for a deal I am working on and if someone is interested in a HS40 light setup I will sell this one off one of my Blue Angels that is getting a new motor . This is a working unit...
  15. The Restore Kid

    factory HS50 lighted motor

    in a snowmobile... :laugh: 1972 Alouette Mini Brute kids snowmobile
  16. james c

    wtb tecumseh engine with lighted coil

    looking to replace a hs30 on my powell for a larger tecumseh either 4 hp or whatever may fit, as long as the bolt pattern is the same. hell! ill go with a clone if it is lighted and puts out good power, electric start is okay too if it will fit. i got some good stuff to trade or just pay the...
  17. The Restore Kid

    LIGHTED BRIGGS 5 horse flatty with electric start

    Heres one nobody else has.. Briggs 5 horse flat head with factory charging system and electric start. :ohmy: It has a Tecumseh adjustable carb because thats all I run on my engines. :laugh: I originally threw this motor together for the Roadster but have no immediate need for it now.. Engine...
  18. cncd11

    GX200 10 amp lighted coil and flywheel

    GX200 10 amp lighted coil and flywheel $100 shipping included.
  19. ccarruth

    Briggs 5hp Flathead & Briggs Lighted Sign

    I have a 5hp flathead that I'm not going to use. It came off a parts bike that I picked up. It started on the 3rd pull smoked about 15sec and ran fine after that. Someone has put a newer blower housing on it and it has a little dent on the lower middle portion of the tank where they made it fit...
  20. delray

    tecumseh lighted coil

    i pick up a lighted coil set up that i believe is for a 8hp for only 7 bucks little rusty on sears numbers? can anybody id this model 143-626012,serial 1336 R also pick up some cool and old round tanks real cheap:smile: they are all real clean inside:thumbsup: