1. trailramdan

    lighted tec 7 horse

    this is a feeler thread. motor hasnt been ran in awhile. lighting coil is there and complete. 250 bucks no pics yet.
  2. Peekster

    1969 Tecumseh H35 Lighted

    Here is a nice lighted H35 from a Rupp. Ran good,was fitted with a Delorto carb,thats why no gov linkage.The lighting coil worked good.Great Original paint.Serial #9114 12813 H35-45210G $250 + Shipping
  3. jeep4me

    Lighted 5hp Tecumseh HS50

    Original minibike motor. Came off from a Heald Trail Bronc, currently on my Harrison Wildcat. Tecumseh HS50, with lighting coil. Includes headlight and tail light(not pictured). Engine runs ok, but will need a little work (carb rebuilt, throttle control and linkages replaced). The last...
  4. trailramdan

    tecumseh Lighted parts

    Looking to sell my lighted parts for a tecumseh, everything is there including the rectifier, parts were in good working condition when pulled. 90 bucks plus shipping or trade for something interesting? make offers!
  5. The Restore Kid

    Tec 9 horse Powersport lighted motor

    Runs good, fully adjustable carb, 3/4 inch keyed tapped shaft, mounting holes, lighting coil.. Actual gokart motor, Runs good, lighting coil works.. One wire cut off flush with the plug.. :doah: But I guess that's and easy fix. :shrug: 100 bucks if ya wanna come get it.. I don't really need...
  6. markus

    Rupp HS40 lighted coil and flywheel trade out

    If you have an old style mini bike HS40 non lighted and are looking go lighted heres what I have. Lighted coil and flywheel off a 1971 Rupp Roadster HS40. I would like to have a spare non lighted coil/flywheel so I don't have to break up one of my other motors for an HS50 conversion motor I...
  7. Dragbikemini

    Lighted 6HP Question

    Any info on the lighted coil in this engine would help. How bright should the lights be? It's off a Carter Bros Go Kart. There are 2 lights on the roll bar. At idle they are barely lit and get brighter as I pick up speed. Is it for novelty because it doesnt seem bright even at full speed?
  8. The Restore Kid

    home made Lighted Tecumseh HS50 I guess I'm listing this thing.. I wanted to paint it and keep it but don't know what I'll do with it.. It's sat for the last month or more.. Dropped some gas in the carb, choked it, pulled...
  9. The Restore Kid

    Lighted Briggs 5 horse elctric start

    Well, must be I was doing it wrong before. I had quite an elaborate setup on the Rupp and had a bad connection somewhere.. These things light just as good as a Tecumseh I guess.. :shrug: Pretty bright when it's going good.. even at idle you can sit in front of it at the campsite and roll...
  10. The Restore Kid

    HS40 50 lighted non lighted blower housings

    I'm building this thing and was gonna fab my own (minibike correct) looking blower housing.. I knew the Iron and aluminum flywheels are a different depth..... But one ole boy was saying EVEN going...
  11. The Restore Kid

    TRK's Lighted HS50 Cinderella Story (a how-to)

    As many of you may know... I tend to build polished turds from crushed junk.. I've determined that most lighting coils are all about the same basic coil pack.. With whatever different options... I...
  12. The Restore Kid

    TRK's Lighted HS50 Cinderella stroy (a how to)

    As many of you may know... I tend to build polished turds from crushed junk.. I've determined that most lighting coils are all about the same basic coil pack.. With whatever different options... I...
  13. S

    Nice Tecumseh lighted sign on ebay

    Very nice working Tecumseh lighted sign. It went above my price so I'm forced to watch it now.It would look good hanging next to a Tecumseh clock or hanging up lighting all those other nice Tecumseh items. eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low...
  14. trailramdan

    complete lighted coil engine

    looking for a old school motor id like to run my lights on my ram etc...soo i will try to find a complete lighted coil engine for it. if not i have plan B but i will try this first!
  15. W

    HS40 lighted flywheel starter cup and blower housing

    Looking for a aluminum lighted flywheel starter cup and blower housing for a HS40. Thanks
  16. D

    hs40 lighted for powell mini bike

    alright guys, im about to make some tall orders here... as many of the powell nuts here know i got a powell "e" model recently. im in need of a good deal on a lighted hs40 motor. it definately can be a builder motor needing work as long as it doesnt have holes or cracks (Commence the laughing)...
  17. W

    HS40 lighted coil flywheel

    Hi everyone, Im in need of a flywheel for a lighted HS40. If you can help me out that would be great. I have a TAV 30 to trade if anyone is interested.
  18. trailramdan

    lighted coil set up for briggs or tecumseh

    looking for a lighted coil set up for my ram so i can actually run my headlight i have a 5 horse briggs engine but i may run a old tecumseh eventually so either would work! let me know if you guys have either or both!!!
  19. The Restore Kid

    Tecumseh 6 horse lighted system???

    I'm pretty sure it's the aluminum flywheel, and it's a three post plug, but it's in a vertical shaft engine. :glare: I know I've had the same flywheel, and the depth it rides on the crankshaft is different, along wih :shrug: I never did make anything with it, and it got listed as a lot of...
  20. jbrewton

    Tecumseh Lighted H50 ?

    WTB Looking for one of these guys??? For my Allis bike so that vintage would be preferred? Thanks for not laughing too much! Here's hoping