1. flpmurphy

    clone lighted flywheel

    Came from none running engine of a baja so its not been tested. Free for whoever needs this just pay the Usps medium flat rate shipping.
  2. 125ccCrazy

    Tecumseh big block lighted flywheel and stator assembly

    with new points and condenser in the package..., no broken fins or magnets...coils all test good.. $125
  3. Midyrman

    Tecumseh H50 Lighted 1968

    A "primo" H50 lighted Tecumseh to complete your build. Completely rebuilt and ready to bolt on. Is currently on my BC1400 but the bike has not been ridden. Vintage 1968. $725 plus shipping. Other BC1300-1500 Bonanza parts available. Please PM.
  4. H

    HS50 only $450. (Lighted)

    What a great deal! :thumbsup: Tecumseh HS50 5HP Mini Bike or Go Kart Engine with Lighting Coil | eBay lol...
  5. 1

    Rupp Roadster 2 Engine Tecumseh HS40 Lighted W/TAV Complete & Running

    Runs excellent. Can send pic/video of actual engine running upon request. Serious inquiries only. 1st $500 FIRM.
  6. David wulf

    HS40 flywheel and lighted coil

    I have a HS40 lighted coil and matching flywheel . This is the original flywheel and coil off the HS40 that came on my Powell challenger. Price 135.00 OBO
  7. R

    Wanted=Early 70's TECUMSEH H-40 Engine Lighted

    Happy Holidays In the market for a early 1970s TECUMSEH H-40 Lighted ENGINE Not looking for Junk or a big project Top Cash Paid
  8. R

    H 50 lighted flywheel

    50 plus 15 to ship
  9. H 50 Flywheel

    H 50 Flywheel

  10. R

    H 50 lighted flywheel

    H 50 flywheel with magnets 50.00 plus shipping. message me and I can send a photo. It's easier.
  11. capguncowboy

    Rupp engine sold on Ebay? Record?

    This popped up last night and I marked it to watch it. You never know -- sometimes the price will fall through the floor. I'm pretty sure it's a member (he mentioned Windber in his listing). He had it priced at $795. It wasn't even a lighted engine. It was fully rebuilt and painted though...
  12. Jrturbo

    Wanted: HS40 engine for 70 Rupp

    Looking for a HS40 with lighted coil for my 70 Rupp. Thank you.
  13. R


    What year would this motor be H 35 Lighted 452110F Serial #814412726
  14. Jamie1972

    !!!@@lets make a deal!!@@!!!

    I have a 1970 Tec. 4hp lighted engine I bought off of another member. I was gonna use it (and may still have too) for my build off bike....But it's not the "correct" engine. (It bothers me....) and I have way to many lighted 4hp engines! (Others are not for sale..:laugh: it needs a pull cord...
  15. JohnnyTillotson

    Lighting coil part

    Many months ago I bid on this "lighting coil" and was the only bidder so I "won" it. It was only after that that I learned of the need for the flywheel to match and the fact it isn't complete. But now I'm wondering if this part can in fact be screwed into any stator to make it into a lighting...
  16. Jamie1972

    @@71 Rupp 4hp lighted Tec. Engine@@

    71 Rupp Roadster 2 4hp lighted Tecumseh engine. Good comp. excellent spark! Pops off of starting fluid. Needs to be cleaned and tuned. Listed here first. 230.00+40.00 to ship
  17. dw1973

    Lighted 1970 HS40

    As shown. Has good compression and spark. $150 + ship from 49279.
  18. 6

    1971 tecumseh hs40 lighted engine & clutch

    removed from 71 arctic cat climber about 4 years ago,has salsbury 330 clutch. Running condition when removed- this is a nice setup.comes with comet driver also. Model # HS55306C. $300 + shipping
  19. J

    Briggs 5hp lighted coil flywheel

    this is probably a long shot but Im looking for a lightedcoil 5hp briggs flywheel i have cash or trade thanks
  20. markus

    tecumseh H50 lighted coil and flywheel

    came off an original mini bike H50 Pretty sure they fit a few other size H "big blocks" bike was a 1970-ish engine was correct ball bearing 3/4" shaft with correct lingkage etc... No broken fins, taper looks good. Mag is UNTESTED, nothing missing or broken that I see. comes with the male...