1. Rake and trail view.jpg

    Rake and trail view.jpg

    Wheelbase, rake, trail and offset dimensions
  2. F

    Tecumseh HSSK50 Offset or Centered Wrist Pin?

    I am building a slightly modified Tec HS50 I had iron sleeved to the later smaller bore HSSK50 2.795", there are 2 different pistons available I believe the earlier on the left flat lower skirt piston has a centered wrist pin there are no markings on the piston and the later lighter piston has...
  3. Oldschoolcool

    Engine offset question

    Hi all, I would like to put a larger engine in my El Tigre roller and have a question on chain alignment. Is there a bolt on jack shaft plate or tourqe convertor with the rear wheel drive sprocket on the back side of the plate for an offset alignment? Thanks, Denny
  4. Sprocket86

    DB30 fork zero offset issue

    Hi there. I've been thinking of getting a used Baja DB30 or monster moto mini bike but I always disliked the way these bikes handled in the turns and at high speed. I think it's to do with the fact that the front fork has no offset between the fork tubes and the centre of the steering axis...
  5. Midyrman

    EK Space Chain / Offset Link?

    Has anyone been confronted with the need for an offset link for EK Sliver #35 space chain? OldMiniBikes doesn't have one. Thanks. Tom
  6. slam49

    ignition timing

    what is the stock timing set at on 5 horse flatties? I need to know this value so i know how much to move it. also the offset keys come in thousandths. how many degrees per .020, or how do they figure that, is it 1 degree for every .010 offset?
  7. R

    Seems easy, What am I doing wrong?

    I have looked but can't find an 8 inch 4 on 4 lug pattern steel wheel wider than 7 inches with no offset. Do they still make them? :confused:
  8. K-Saletta

    Is it bad to use a offset chain link?

    I have a yerf dog go kart with a heavily modded predator 212cc on it and the best way I can get the chain to be tight is to use a offset link. I already have one and I'm using a size 40 chain
  9. gumpit

    Offset Predator gas tank fillers

    Just an FYI. I bought 5 Predators off the guys from Vpowerequipment. The ones that are fixer uppers. I havent had a chance to look at any yet. But I can say from quick inspection. 2 have the offset filler necks. And the other 3 have the ones with the vent hoses and are more in the middle which...
  10. Jag57

    HS40 muffler bolt on offset centers

    I know its a long shot but even a toasty one to copy will do...:mad2:
  11. chatten63

    tecumseh offset gas tank black

    I am looking for a tecumseh 2 quart black offset fill tank used on the HS series motors Needs to be like new or N.O.S. Thanks Rick
  12. aprophet2

    KG mini - need an offset 3 hole rear sprocket

    Anyone know where I can get one of these? Also, I'm wondering if anyone has ever tried regrinding a worn out sprocket like this one and if so, how'd it go? Thanks!
  13. matt2

    briggs offset timming key 5hp

    Hi hope I'm in the right spot. Who can tell me where I can get offset keys for my 5hp raptor. Thanks for the help Matt
  14. creia

    # 35 chain "offset" links

    Also referred to as "half links". Does anybody have any experience using these? :confused:How do they hold up over time? That tiny little cotter pin that holds them on makes me wonder about their durability (i.e., not coming off).:shrug:
  15. 70chevrolet

    Offset flywheel key

    Does an offset flywheel key and advanding timing 1-2 degrees really make a noticeable difference in performance? Say on an older tecumseh flathead engine?
  16. V

    offset timing keys for intek/animal

    can you guys/gals direct me to a vendor that sells offset timing keys for the briggs OHV engines. while i am at it, for a intek 5.5hp on much timing should i start with? thank you
  17. Flyin_Hawaiian

    8* offset to much?

    Is 8* offset to much for a flatty w/ cold air intake , header , and jetted carb?