1. Sixpac440

    How to remove old paint without sandblasting?

    Is there a spray on rinse off product? I will sandblast later ... just want it cleaned up a bit as I work on the bike ...
  2. DeadPixel

    Engine paint?

    Thinking about painting my motor and plan on doing primer, base coat and clear. How many coats is too much? I plan on doing 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of paint and about 3 coats of clear. The first coat of each stage will be a light coat and second coats will be to even out color and coverage...
  3. bikebudy

    TEC engine paint color

    Hello, I have a Mini Bike correct, 3.5 TEC from 1971 MTD Now its a true engine from a MTD, so the engine was Silver OG. I'm going to repaint this engine and its not going back into a MTD. So, my Question is, Do I paint it Silver again? OR should I paint it Black OR White ...
  4. maknwar

    Paint vs powder coat

    Trying to decide between the two. I can get everything powder coated for about $100 or I can strip, sand and paint for probably half that. I don't plan on taking it off road except for the yard. What does everyone prefer when redoing a mini bike?
  5. danford1

    75 Rupp Magenta paint code needed

    I'm restoring a 75 Rupp Roadster2 and need the correct paint code for the Magenta color. I asked Jim at Black Widow but he didn't know. He said find an original spot on the minibike and have it read by a paint camera at a paint store. Before I go and do something like that, I thought I would ask...
  6. T

    Arctic Cat Whisker Paint codes 1971-72

    Does anyone know colors or codes for arctic cat whisker?
  7. J

    To Paint or Powder Coat the frame?!

    Hey all. Curious if anyone has some insight on the topic. We are at the point where we need to either paint or Powder Coat the frame and wheels. Does anyone have experience with both? We are unsure which way to go! We have a Bad Dog Gigantic frame that needs painting. I think we will just...
  8. H

    Paint Gun Stand

    A couple of days ago, I was painting a frame and using this gun stand and thinking how indisposable it has been, and realized I hadn't heard from my friend Butch who made this for me four years ago. Butch was a paraplegic from a trucking accident 40 years ago, and has been chair bound since...
  9. P

    Rupp Sprint paint color......

    Hi All, I have a Rupp Sprint (1969/1970) that is undergoing a MILD restoration. The previous owner, gave it a quick spray of a very nice metallic green. Nice as it is, it's NOT Rupp medium metallic which is quite a bit darker and not as sparkly. I'd like to strip the paint and start over...
  10. pomfish

    Best Paint, Worst Paint

    Just thought maybe would be a good discussion of which finish members consider to be the best/durable and which ones come up short.This is not meant to be a slam fest of negativity, but rather a thread about what stands the test of time.Can be vintage American or Foreign.______________________We...
  11. B

    Ruttman Grasshopper paint code

    Does anyone know what the pain code is for the green Ruttman Grasshopper?
  12. 71 blackshadow tank nos og paint

    71 blackshadow tank nos og paint

    Found in a lot of nos 71 blackshadow parts.
  13. Mike T

    Ruttman Paint

    I was talking to my brother about the Ruttman that we got new when were kids. It has been identified here on this forum as a 1969 and that would figure because we got it during the summer of 1970 from a small local dealer selling out of his garage. My brother said it came bare steel and we...
  14. Fisher1983

    Briggs 3hp 80202 with custom paint

    I have a 1992 Briggs 3hp for sale, rebuilt carb, no governor, hand made choke actuator, custom painted Burnt Copper Metallic. Decarboned, super clean, runs excellent. Came off an edger with little use. Kool-Bore still has crosshatching! New side cover gasket. Plain bearing 80202 engine with 5/8...
  15. Woody212

    (Another) Tecumseh white engine paint option

    Tonight I was out looking for some of the Tecumseh white paint options listed here on other threads. Not finding any of those options in my 1 horse town :surrender:, I ran across this Rustoleum Appliance epoxy in "Biscuit" white from Lowes and gave it a shot. I know it may not work in the...
  16. james ackerman

    Tecumseh engine paint

    Whats the color code for the white paint they used to paint tecumseh engines, what color is original?
  17. M

    Montgomery Wards mini bike paint code (Light blue)

    Does anyone know the paint code for the early to mod 70's paint code for a Montgomery wards minibike? The color is light blue. Russ
  18. Newoldstock

    Krylon paint and sand blasting

    Is it just me or have any of you fellows found it to be very thin and unforgiving? 6 months into the clean up of my Onan BGE I have started to repaint it now. The Krylon just would not stick and the rust has come out everywhere. ( that's after a chemical strip mechanical scrub, soap water and I...
  19. C

    Tecumseh white engine paint...

    I've been reading posts about the correct white shade for the Tecumseh engine circa 1970 or so. After seeing that Duplicolor Dover white is a good choice, my question is, Does it hold up to the heat of running? Do most people that use it not plan on running the engine much? How does it hold up...
  20. Ding Ding

    Clear coat on fuel tanks to preserve paint & decals

    I've clear coated 2 tanks now in an effort to preserve the paint and decals. Between fuel leaking out of the cap while riding, pressure building up causing fuel to bleed out of the cap, and refilling the tank, I've become VERY conscious of not getting fuel on my tanks. Clear coating them seems...