1. J

    Long range sears roper? double tanks, yes or no?

    Ok, so I am working on a resto-mod of this 10 inch wheel sears roper. It has the original triangle top mount tank, which i have managed to clean to a very useable state. This tank of course will be used on this bike no matter what. Now i had to choose an engine for this bike... I have...
  2. nds1968

    1960 skat kitty mini bike

    I think these are neat but out of my price range. 1960 skat kitty mini bike
  3. M

    predator 212cc mid range problems

    ok I have built another 212cc I have got a aluminum flywheel on it haven't put rod or nothing in it just have removed the Gov. and have installed a gx390 carb but before I put the gx390 carb on there I had this issue I got now. when Im at a dead stop in I floor it its takes of pretty good...
  4. creia

    HS50-What is correct idle RPM (range)

    Can anyone tell me what the correct idle rpm specification is (I'm assuming it is an rpm RANGE?) for these engines? I purchased one of those "Tiny Tach" Chinese knock-offs on EBay where you wrap the wire around the spark plug wire. If I have it set up correctly, it's displaying 690 rpms, and it...
  5. boogyman

    Agk .290 Cam power range

    Got a question for you guys.I am trying to set my clutch up,and Still missing some info that I will need,I have a .290 cam from Agk (Isky) and the cam card did not state any power range info. Would Anyone might have the specs? I am also running Parson's 1.12.1 rockers.:thumbsup:
  6. johnf.357

    Good day at The range

    went to my club today, shot at the 50 ft range outdoor's in Foster RI, It was warm 40's, did pretty good have not shot in about 9 months..Fired some .357 cal & .22cal.pistol,and a real sweet highly tuned colt.45 -series 70,that a friend let me use.. Going back tomorrow for a little more.. My...
  7. kbs8ball

    A couple pics from today at the range

    I took the kids to the range today...My daughter took the pics of me. GOOD TIMES MAN !!