1. A

    Rear Rim X1 or X2

    Hey, Hello everyone, I am making a new motorcycle with Pocket Bike Ninja X1, I need the rear rim because is discontinued, who know if is possible put other rim or someone have one. I need a help, Thanks
  2. C

    10" spoke front rim with drum brake

    10" spoke front rim with drum brake complete $40. Just joined today as I'm looking for some parts and have some to sell I'm new here but been selling on eBay for 15 years 100% positive feedback
  3. Hank69

    WTB 10", 24 spoke rim for FOX Sprite

    Hey I'm looking for 2 good used or new rims for 10" tires, I would be interested in steels if the price is right but would prefer 24 spoke set. Aaron
  4. ludicrous speed

    easy rim id

    hey guys sorry to bother you with such a trivial detail, but ive got this rim im trying to reuse and i dont know > what bike its off of. what plate style,and Where more importantly, can i find a 3 bolt gearplate that takes #40 chain that will fit that wheel? it originally had a #35...
  5. C

    Rupp 12" rim job

    Been working on a set of new rims for my Rupp. Today, I spent a whole 30 minutes and made a DIY wheel truing stand. Rechromed rims and hubs. New spokes. I have the first rim to within .004". So, do I take a grinder and grind down the spokes where they stick past the nipple? Most of the spokes...
  6. A

    New rear rim and sprocket needed

    Hello. The rear rim on my 1971 sears roper is bad. Turns out that the sprocket is badly bent. Can anyone suggest where i can get a new rim and a bolt on sprocket? The sprocket on the rim now is welded on Dimensions are as follows Rim diameter 6" Rim width 3.5" Sprocket diameter is...
  7. 2SlickNick

    DB parts and pocket bike rim

    DB parts for sale: -stock 72T sprocket - $18 + shipping - disc brake rotor - $14 + shipping - Front db rim without bearings - $20 + shipping - db30 rear rim with part of bearing outter race stuck in the rim - $20 + shipping Also have -Pocket bike rim (...
  8. Iron Honky

    Decent powerdyne front rim and tire

    I have a decent front powerdyne 6"rim and tire. Only asking $35 plus shipping.
  9. MCF2891

    WANTED: Manco Sprocket Spacer and Sprocket for 6" Manco Rim

    Looking for sprocket spacer and sprocket for 6" Manco wheel. If possible please include hardware for it too. Not to worried about hardware.
  10. Iron Honky

    6" sensation front rim

    6" Sensation front rim for sale. Little dirty but will clean up nice. Asking $40 shipped
  11. S

    6 inch split rim needed

    Hi everyone - I just joined this forum and I hate to begin by asking for parts, but does anyone happen to have a 6-inch split rim like the one shown in the attached photo? It was made by Clark Manufacturing. Please let me know if you have a half piece that you'd like to sell. Thanks! -Jon...
  12. DaGoofyFawker

    Tires and Rim Help!

    (Sorry if this has been asked/posted elsewhere. I did a search of the forums and looked as much as I could before posting this.) I have a Monster Moto MM-B80/Motovox MBX10. The stocks rim/tire setup is: 75T rear sprocket. Front and Rear Tire Size 14.0X5.7R6.0 Pneumatic. Front and Rear Rim...
  13. gumpit

    4" Manco? Rim trade for 6" split rim.

    I am looking for a 6" split rim. Something similar to a 4 spoke Ruttman or Trailhorse style or something cooler than an Azusa at least...lol.. The rim I have still has on a bald tire and is missing a bolt. I hit it quick with glass bead so you can see any knicks. I would rather trade it than...
  14. RuppChopperPaul

    Rupp Roadster 12" rim width? And tire sizes?

    My 12" wheels still have tires on them so i can't exactly tell how wide the rims are? They look to be around 2-1/2" wide. I also wondered if people are running any other sizes than the 3.00-12 tires on a Rupp Roadster 2? There are some scooter tires out there in metric sizes, is anyone...
  15. Manco 5" Rim

    Manco 5" Rim

    Manco 5" Rim
  16. Manco 5" Rim

    Manco 5" Rim

    Manco 5" Rim
  17. Manco 5" Rim

    Manco 5" Rim

    Manco 5" Rim
  18. Manco 5" Rim

    Manco 5" Rim

    Manco 5" Rim
  19. Manco 5" Rim

    Manco 5" Rim

    Manco 5" Rim
  20. Manco 5" Rim

    Manco 5" Rim

    Manco 5" Rim