1. B

    1969 Rupp Roadster 2 speed slipping

    my all original 69 roadster started to slip when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. i took it apart and installed a brand new Spag bearing and it worked perfect for about 3 months. Now it is slipping again. Can anyone guide me how to correct this once and for all?
  2. B

    69 Rupp Roadster clutch slipping advise

    My 1969 Rupp Roadster is all original and when purchased a year ago it had a slipping in the clutch when it transitioned from 1st to 2nd gear. I dissembled the jack shaft and replaced the Sprag gear and it ran perfect. Stong shift from 1st to 2nd. Now after a year it is doing it again. Can it...
  3. N

    Hard starting and clutch slipping

    Hey guys I got my mini running. It stated real hard and once its running the clutch is slipping. Is there a way to adjust the clutch or does it need a new one. I know nothing about working on these motors. can you guys give me any pointers?
  4. J

    DB30 over oiled clutch?? Slipping now and never did before...

    I've had this DB30 for about 2 years and never oiled anything. It drives great, and only use a few times a year. Today I decided to oil the chain with chain oil and used 10w30 oil on that small clutch bearing, but I spilled quite a bit of oil on that small area. Do I have oil on the clutch...
  5. T-Town Mini

    Clutch Slipping

    This is what the clutch shoes looked like after only a few passes up and down the street. It's barely engaging 1/3 of the shoe. The engine it's mounted to is a Tecumseh H30 so it's low on power but, shouldn't it at least fully engage the drum? What's up? :shrug: I've ordered new...
  6. manchester1

    Twist grip slipping

    Just when I was about to hi-jack somebodys thread, I lost the thread. All of my grips on the throttles slip. Somebody was saying what they was doing to fix the problem and they screwed it up.......Anyway.....Do I glue them:out: Some tacky spray:out: Any help appreciated. Thanks
  7. Peekster

    Sach 50cc clutch slipping

    I have a attex with a sachs engine and the tranny is slipping.Changed oil and was wondering is there any adjustments or service advice. Thanks
  8. Peekster

    Sach 50cc clutch slipping

    What would cause the clutch to slip besides being shot. Any adjustments. How much oil do they hold. Thanks
  9. mmisterbungl

    Torque Converter Driver slipping - cause?

    I finally figured out why the motor is revving so high so quick. I can hold my feet down on the ground while I hit the throttle and see the driver (clutch) spinning while the bike stays stationary. I see that he belt is angled on both sides. Do i have a worn out clutch, or is the belt the...
  10. jokernites

    clutch slipping

    i have a 6.5 clone with the govoner pulled 18lbs springs 22mm mikuni and a fuel pump i had a max torqe and i moved up to a hilliard fury now the clutch seems to be slipping a lot and getting really hot its a #41 chain any ideas