1. J

    Rupp Decals for Ruppster, Roadster, Sprint

    I have some NOS and repro Rupp decals: $8 each, plus S&H: Live It Up Rupp - 5 available #16447 Ruppster Body / Side Decals, 8” long - 5 available 1973 ROADSTER II Gastank Decal, 6.5” long - 2 available $10 each, plus S&H: Rupp TC-1 Torque Converter Decal, 5.25” long - 2 available $5...
  2. capguncowboy

    1969 Rupp Sprint (Parting out)

    Sorry, the bike is a little dirty from Windber, but it'll be cleaned up this week. Nearly complete 1969 Rupp Sprint Survivor. The engine was gone through and the valves were lapped, new head gasket, new crankcase gasket, new spark plug and crank seal. The carb was giving me fits, so I...
  3. topnotch

    1970 Rupp Sprint Resto-Mod.

    Here is a little project that I have always wanted to build for a very long time, but never got around to do it. I have always put this minibike on the back burner way behind all my other bikes for one reason our other. Now that I'm crazy enough to build five minibikes at one time, here it is...
  4. P

    Rupp Sprint paint color......

    Hi All, I have a Rupp Sprint (1969/1970) that is undergoing a MILD restoration. The previous owner, gave it a quick spray of a very nice metallic green. Nice as it is, it's NOT Rupp medium metallic which is quite a bit darker and not as sparkly. I'd like to strip the paint and start over...
  5. UnorthodoxCreat

    1969 Rupp Sprint

    I won this bike off an ebay auction over the summer because the price was right and it was close enough I could pick it up. I wasn't real sure what it was at the time but it was the era Rupp I've had my eye on. Thanks to the folks on here and some researching I determined it was a 1969 Rupp...
  6. topnotch

    1970 Rupp sprint

    I'm looking for forks and (1) rear fender for a 1970 Rupp sprint.
  7. capguncowboy

    NOS Rupp clutch drum (5/8" #35 13T ) Scrambler Sprint

    This is an NOS clutch drum, still in the packaging. It was opened for pictures and to confirm the inner diameter of 5/8". 13T $50 obo shipped
  8. C

    Wanted - 1969 Rupp Sprint

    Hello, I'm looking for a 1969 Rupp Sprint. I would prefer something that was pretty complete, but I don't mind a bit of a restoration project either. Let me know if you have one you are willing to sell. Thank you!
  9. topnotch

    1970 Rupp sprint

    I need a pair of shocks for a 1970 Rupp sprint
  10. J

    What kind of bike is this?? Rupp

    Wondering what year and make this is. Any help would be awesome!!
  11. Frank Davis

    1971 Rupp Sprint for sale

    I have a nice 71' Rupp Sprint for sale....listed some info on the "general " blog earlier this week.....nice powder coat red with silver tank and fenders....missing chain guard and stand, and has had View image in gallery a few minor frame alterations....the engine is a sears "143"...
  12. topnotch

    Rupp Sprint

    I'm looking for a pair of rupp Sprint forks.
  13. J

    WTB: 70 Rupp Sprint Front Fork

    Looking for a clean undamaged front fork for a Rupp Sprint, also what is the consensus for a clutch guard.? originals cost more than most complete bikes and decent repros or functional replacements.? Thx
  14. J

    Original Engine on a Rupp Sprint.?

    Picked up a Rupp Sprint recently, mostly original, and was wondering if it still has the orig Tecumseh on it.? I did go through the engine decoder on the site here, but cannot tell for sure. The engine # stamped on the cover is as follows; HS50-67161C 8151B. I believe the year of the...
  15. SimpleTom

    Rupp Sprint, CHEAP

    Mini bike Mini bike - $60 (Saint Paul) rsgrq-4963569989@sale.craigslist.org $60 obo 1970 Rupps sprint mini bike frame tires turbine wheels chain and seat. NO MOTOR email or text preferred
  16. S

    Is this a rupp?

    Curious if I picked up a Rupp sprint?
  17. Thad

    Today's find. Rupp sprint?

    I thought this was missing a lot of stuff When I picked it up today. I looked it over and it's not as bad as I thought. Still has the plastic chain tensioner on it. It's broken but there. When I saw the big hole in the frame with a possible missing jack shaft I panicked. If it's a sprint it's...
  18. J

    WTB: Rupp Sprint Chain Guard

    Looking for the part that usually costs more than the bike if its a nice one. Have a 70 Sprint and need a clutch cover, anybody reproducing anything that fits. Thx JS
  19. R

    70 Rupp Sprint Chain guard

    I'm looking for a chain guard and a chain tensioner for a 70 Rupp Sprint. radams7425@aol.com or call me Rick 757-930-3378 Thanks
  20. Peekster

    Rupp Sprint Fender

    Here is a Rupp sprint fender,Straight with fork brackets $25 plus shipping