1. K

    Restore old sprocket

    Anyone know a good method to clean this sprocket up? (steel) WD40/Brake Cleaner/Degreasers only go so far. wire disc on a drill, or a solution to let it soak in for a few days?
  2. R

    Spacer between Sprocket and Tri-star wheel?

    Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to the forum so I hope I'm in the right spot. I'm trying to mount a non standard engine to an AZUSA minibike kit (Sachs KM 48). When I place my engine on the mounting plate, I have to shift it all the way to the right in order to line up the clutch and the...
  3. B

    Newbie needs help with DB30 predator

    I am a totally mini bike newbie just starting my first project. I Bought a DB30 with a predator already on it last summer, and I want to take the governor out, but I hear it's best to change out the rear sprocket to avoid falling on your ass? The current sprocket pretty much covers the whole...
  4. maknwar

    doodlebug sprocket adapter

    I'm looking for the one OldMiniBikes sells. Does anyone know if OldMiniBikes will ever get them back in stock? Does anyone else sell them?
  5. D

    dual sprocket clutchs?

    im building a twin predator mini, i would like to run one engine to the other with one chain, then a chain from the clutch on the second engine to the rear wheel, as pictured below now i found a clutch with 2 sprockets on it, but they are both on the out side of the clutch do they make...
  6. bikebudy

    Trail Horse Minibike Sprocket Adapter

    E-bay # 222276123836
  7. D

    Is this Sprocket Shot?

    Going through my Roper and am trying to decide if this onepiece wheel sprocket is usable. Ran the bike a bit before I took it apart and the chain popped off a bit, but that could have been from a number of things. Usable? Any advice on a good replacement 6" wheel with similar offsets/dimension?
  8. Not so mini bike

    Bonanza kidney bean wheel set W/ sprocket and original hardware

    Nice set of 6" kidney beans. Complete set. With sprocket and original mounting hardware. Nice shape. Bolts ame out with no issues. No cracks or breaks. Sprocket is 72t $200 shipped for what you see here.
  9. fhpe77

    Astro wheel sprocket issues

    My el Tigre resto-mod project is coming along nicely. So far I have replaced the handle bar grips and throttle control, the rear shocks, the clutch, and added a clutch band brake. Additionally, any bolts that get touched get replaced with grade 8 fasteners. Lastly, I replaced the wheels with...
  10. H

    coleman ct200 sprocket changes

    i have a coleman ct200 and want to swap out the 20t jackshaft sprocket to get a higher top speed anyone have any suggestions on what size sprocket i can use?? i was thinking of going from 20t to 16t ??? unfortunately i bought a torque converter only to find out that my crankshaft is 5/8 and all...
  11. Stitch

    Plain 420 72 tooth sprocket source?

    Hi, Does anyone have any idea where to purchase a plain 70-72 tooth 420 sprocket with no holes? I plan on boring one and drilling out the mounting holes for my CT200U project. I am going with a stage 1 on a H.F. 6.5 212cc Hemi with a TAV 10 tooth driver. Thank you~ Stitch
  12. Fantic Freddy

    Sprocket for a 6" Manco wheel

    I'm in need of a good used 60 tooth 6 hole sprocket for a 6" Manco wheel. Nothing pretty, as long as it's straight. I have the adapter. Using a 35 chain.
  13. Not so mini bike

    Rupp sprocket

    I need the one that looks like this And mounts to this wheel. Yes I know there's some brand new ones out there. But I don't wanna pay $40 plus shipping to see if it will work for what I need it for. Any used but still useable ones out there in someone's garage is fine by me. Let me know
  14. V

    want to buy manco wheel sprocket spacers

    wanted manco wheel sprocket spacers need a few of em. 6 bolt pattern.
  15. P

    5" plain steel rear wheel, with sprocket sears roper? its new

    this is a 5" diameter wheel, the center hub is 7" wide, I believe it is new, painted silver 45.00
  16. Not so mini bike

    Rupp turbine wheel sprocket help

    I was wondering if anyone had the measurements of spacing from lug to lug on the sprocket for this wheel. I was wondering if I could use this sprocket on a ruttman 5 star mag.
  17. Daniel Coop

    Need help with wheel choices and sprocket count for Trailhorse GT800

    I need help deciding what 6" wheel and sprocket count I should use for upsizing from my 4" steelies. I'm considering the Astro's but don't know how wide I should go and weather I should use a 60t sprocket or a 72. The original jackshaft is still on the bike and it's got a Raptor 3 with a 16t...
  18. Daniel Coop

    GoPower 72? tooth sprocket and brake assembly

    Looking for 6" GoPower wheel 72? tooth sprocket and brake assembly! If I can't find them the wheels are available.
  19. markus

    2.75" bolt circle 3 or 6 bolt sprocket?

    I am wanting to set up a few sets of Tri-star wheels that are 4" with some sprockets to run on small bikes. They are 3 bolt, Spacing appears to be 2.75" bolt circle so I am looking for a 3 or 6 bolt pattern. If I read right its possible the universal sprockets with the slotted holes might get...
  20. C

    Sensation MB6A rear sprocket

    I'm Looking for a rear drive sprocket for my Sensation MB6A (MIKE BIKE). Any help would be great, Thanks everyone! Steve.