1. markus

    1968 Rupp swingarm wanted

    We are in need of a 1968 Rupp swingarm. Does not matter what model it came off of as I can relocate the fender tab as needed but it has to be a 1968 for the correct axle mounts. Needs to be in decent, unaltered shape, or not too messed up to repair.....like the one we have :laugh: Shipped...
  2. B

    Wtb trail horse swingarm

    Looking for a swingarm for a suspension Trail Horse. Thanks bryce.
  3. Rupp_It_Up

    WTB Speedway Green Horn T/C Cover, Fr. Fender & Swingarm

    I have an El Tigre (JC Penny version of the Green Horn) & need a T/C cover & mounting bracket, swing arm & front fender. Parts from any Speedway with 14" wheels will work - Blue Angle, Red Baron or Widow Maker. Thanks, Charlie (860) 483-1578
  4. David wulf

    Needing a BC1200 swingarm

    I looking for a BC 1200 swingarm. I want it so I can lengthen it a few inches , so iam looking for a messed up one or that has already been hacked on . Iam rather poor so cheap is good or I could make you something in exchange . Let me know what you have .
  5. capguncowboy

    Trailhorse Swingarm, two speed jackshaft

    This is, I believe, the swingarm from a TrailHorse. The two speed and one jackshaft plate is included. Two speed seems to function correctly. Sprag sprocket locks one way and spins the other like it's supposed to. Axle adjusters/tensioners are in good shape and complete. $165 OBO plus shipping
  6. gammatg

    Wanted: Heathkit Hilltopper swingarm bushing

    I picked up a Hilltopper that a guy was going to restore but lost interest and...parts also. I looking for the bushing that fits in the swingarm.
  7. Biffmini

    TrailHorse / TrailBlazer Swingarm ?l

    I have Trail Horse swing arm frame & I'm having trouble finding the missing swing arm. I'm going to make a trip to my local tubing fab. shop soon & find out what it would take to bend & press a repro. or a close copy... There is not much to them, the steel band pcs. easy to fab. & a simple jig...
  8. Biffmini

    Trailhorse / Blazer - Swingarm & left brake bracket

    I need a swing arm & left brake bracket, for up coming Trail Horse project. :helpsmilie:
  9. gammatg

    Trouble removing swingarm on 70 Rupp Roadster

    Hello, I'm taking apart my 70 Roadster for blasting and paint and I am having trouble removing the bolt that hold the swingarm to the frame. The long nut that holds the chain guard is off, but I can't remove the bolt. Is it threaded? Or could it just be bent inside from years if abuse and is...
  10. tippycanoenm

    on cl......a real lil indian?

    this looks like it has a bonanza swingarm and shocks mounted to it............
  11. bikerboybenny8

    Bonanza Frame and Swingarm

    Up for sale bonanza swingarm and frame, cross posted on erie craigslist. $150 OBO Engine and wheels not included
  12. D

    Taco 44

    looking for taco 44, frame bars, and swingarm, or complete roller
  13. S

    Wards / Gilson swingarm question

    Recently picked up a Wards 525 frame to build a rider. There is much previous owner engineering to fix. Having never owned one before my question is, are the legs of the swing arm supposed to be parallel? The one leg is 90 degrees to the shaft, the leg with the brake lever angles away from the...
  14. T

    sprocket outside of swingarm

    Does anyone know a safe way to do this
  15. Bikerscum

    Seller says home made?

    The pressed steel swingarm makes me think it was at least something at some time? View image in gallery View image in gallery
  16. G

    I Am in Need of a Bonanza Swingarm Anybody?

    Since I have not pin pointed what model I have, and since it has been altered anyway, I am attaching a pic. Thanks!
  17. Roadmaster75

    Montgomery Ward/ Gilson Swing arm Bronze Bearing source

    Hello, New here and just finished a Montgomery Ward 525 swing arm mini bike in Brittany Blue. As luck would have it I just found another identical complete chassis and fork assembly for $45 at a swap meet. However, it was missing the hard to find oil impregnated, flanged bronze...
  18. ole4

    removing a stuck swingarm spindle

    Have a rupp continental rear swingarm with the spindle frozen inside the swingarm tube. Have been soaking and heating with a propane torch but so far no go. Tried the following which did not work. 1) 20 ton press which almost stalls and I am afraid I may bend the while thing. 2)Screw in a...
  19. image2339


  20. Kinkra47

    Warrior swingarm etc.

    So I picked up this warrior a while back. It had the typical missing fake tank, front fender and jackshaft cover. The motor was locked up, the front tire was flat and one of the foot pegs was broken off, but for $50, I knew it had potential. Last summer I was determined to get it ridable, so...