1. T

    throttle cable 1969 taco 3 hp briggs & stratton

    hello all, i need a throttle cable , 1969 taco 44 orig throttle cable is no good , it has a small round ball on the end were it goes into throttle were can i get one that will fit ?? thanks bobby
  2. T

    1969 taco 44 questions and need help so please read

    hello all, i have gotten all the parts and hope to my 1969 taco 44 back together starting tomm, my questions are the wheel extenders ( frame extenders) do the go inside the frame or outside ?? bolts facing in ?? or facing out ?? new bolt for front tire and new spacers should...
  3. T

    is there any value 1969 orig taco 44 tires??

    hello all, is there any value to 1969 taco 44 tires ?? i have mine they are dried out just curious if there is any value to them ?? thanks bobby
  4. T

    1969 taco brake question

    hello all, i am redoing my 1969 taco from the ground up i have a new set of rims for it well they are three bolt not 4 bolt like old ones , so today i got new sprocket bolts right up my problem is my bendix brakes dont fit in they are just a little to big anyone ever have this problem...
  5. T

    who is the guru of taco minibikes ??

    hello all, who is the guru of taco minibikes , any email to get a hold of them ?? let me know thanks bobby
  6. T

    1969 taco nuts & bolts

    hello all, anyone know where i can get new nuts & bolts that hold the shocks on and a new bolt & nut to hold the fork to the frame and new front nut & bolt ( axel) for the front tire ?? cant find crap at hardware stores anyone know of anywhere to get them let me know thanks bobby
  7. xr7gt


    It sure looks like a taco to me.... Is it?
  8. T

    1969 taco shocks

    hello all, does anyone know where i get get a pair of 1969 taco shocks black with the chrome around it ?? let me know thanks bobby
  9. R67

    Taco mini bikes at Oceano Dunes

    Broke in my newly registered Taco 99 and 22 at the dunes. Had a great time. Doesn't work well on soft sand. Need to search for 6" wide paddle tires. I have a Taco 100 rear wheel I can use. click to watch video:
  10. T

    1968 3 hp off my taco minibike

    hello all, i am looking for a carb for a 1968 briggs&stratton the motor is on my taco minibike any help would be great thanks bobby
  11. drenchedgremlin

    WTB Taco 22 project

    I had 2 taco 22s about 6 years ago. I was trying to restore them but i didnt have the time, I sold them which is a huge regret i have. I got really lucky to find 2 tacos on craigslist for a really good deal, i highly doubt that will happen again. So I am now looking for a taco 22, May be a long...
  12. drenchedgremlin

    are these taco suspension?

    i found some random mini bike stuff. Was wondering if these are most likely taco suspension?
  13. R

    Taco 22DB Brake Arm

    Does someone have the dimensions of the Taco 22DB brake stay arm they can share(length, height, thickness, length of bent sections, size of slot)? Also, was the outer brake cable stop/adjuster originally mounted to the end of the arm as shown in the picture?
  14. R

    1967 Taco 22

  15. aarron

    Taco t100 for sale in michigan!!

    This T100 just popped up about 2 hours ago on the Toledo CL! Some one jump on it! :thumbsup: https://toledo.craigslist.org/mcy/6154584865.html
  16. rubenski

    2 taco 44 mini bikes

    1968 taco mini bikes must have been bought together serial numbers are 1 number apart not in bad shape still purple under surface rust 1100 obo
  17. S

    Taco grips

    Here's a pair of grips, left & right side, that came off a Taco ST-100. In great shape! $15 Shipped in the U.S. PM me if you want them.
  18. S

    Taco footpegs for sale!

    Here are some Taco footpegs for sale, serrated, MX style. $33 shipped in the U.S.
  19. slywilliez

    FS 1971 Taco ST100 roller

    Up for sale is a 1971 Taco St100 roller. The bike is in decent shape and will need handle bars and some holes welded up in the motor plate. I think i have the foot pegs but i cant be 100% sure. The rear shocks on this bike is really hard to find and they are in good shape too. Price 300 bucks...
  20. S

    ST-100 Super Taco Racer!

    Built up an ST-100 Super Taco with a modified Predator engine, running through a GTC torque converter. Will be using it for flat track & TT racing. What fun! Here's what I started with & the near-finished bike. Need to change the rear brake pedal to a hand brake & mount some rubber...