1. T

    I thought it was tote till I got it home

    Any help is appreciated
  2. cheezy1

    Voting open till Sunday 10PM EST

    Voting open till next Sunday 10PM EST 6-11-2017
  3. D

    original comet tav2 179.00 free shipping

    Northern tool has instant 20.00 off plus there is a very easily google searched 20.00 coupon good till 4-7-15. That's 40.00 off total !! This also applies to various other products on the website!! Good Day !!
  4. Not so mini bike

    Bonanza fenders WTF

    Is this not crazy to anybody else. I was all aboard till they went above $150 http://ebay.to/1IG8e5x
  5. Hounddog

    Special Find

    Here is a nice little number...he was very creative...looks like he just kept adding on till he got it just right...:smile: https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/mcy/4886748327.html
  6. N

    1970 Rupp Roadster project bike

    Nice little rupp, mostly there. Gotta do some cleaning but have certificate of origin for it somewhere. Good compression but no spark. We rode till last spring with a later powersport engine. Convertor and all worked well till chain broke. Planned to fix up, but just not getting to it. Would...
  7. R

    Think I'm gonna stay up till midnight...

    and see what happens when the date turns to 9/1/13 and my supporting membership expires.
  8. mnbike

    predator engine on backorder till 6/22

    Hey Guys This is my second try ....FYI the Harbor Freight Predator engines model#68121 is on backorder till 6/22, you have to order by phone. :thumbsup:
  9. Dan-E-boy

    I was hungry till i had a BURRITO!

    hey guys, just wanted to share a recent craigslist find... at first i thought it was an all welded taco 22 because the single pic on the ad was blurry.. so i call the guy and ask if he can send me closer pics to my phone of specific areas to try and determine if it was a real taco or a...
  10. vette66_00

    New Predator 212cc on sale $129.99 till 30th also 20% inside

    Pretator 212cc Coupon Display 20% off link Coupon Display
  11. Peyote_Pete

    armageddon postponed till 5/26...

    So hurry up and send me all your stuff before its too late!!! Cool stuff only, no junk please. And then you can tell jesus how charitable you've been while he was away. I'll vouch for you:thumbsup:
  12. vette66_00

    COUPON: Harbor Freight 20% off (exp 2/27/11) and $99.99 6.5 clone (exp 4/17/11)

    Making this a sticky later and will keep it updated. CLICK ME 20% off till 2/27/11 Thanks to GSbiker for the scan. Printable link to the pic. Just Click these links then ctrl+P to print and cut it out. Also the $99.99 6.5 engine coupon...
  13. vette66_00

    Harbor Freight 20% good till the 22nd

    CLICK HERE FOR THE 20% good till 2-22-11
  14. vette66_00

    Harbor Freight 20% off good till 2/19/11

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  15. vette66_00

    20% off good till 2-7-11 and $109.99 6.5 hp coupon

    This is in PDF format. I used it today so I am comfortable that it works. Recommended that you print both sides so it looks more legit, but I used it with only the first side printed and cut out. To get the second side you will have to run the first sheet of paper back through same direction...
  16. vette66_00

    $99.99 Clone at Harbor Freight till 10/23/2010

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