1. A

    Ruttman 6” Aluminum Wheels

    I’m looking for two Ruttman 6” aluminum four-spoke wheels. anyone have two they could part with?
  2. B

    71 rupp new wheels help

    Does anyone know if this would be a direct replacement for the rear wheel on a 71 rupp scrambler? https://www.OldMiniBikes.com/-10-steel-wheel-chrome-plated-with-5-8-id-precision-ball-bearings-35-sprocket-and-drum-60-tooth.html or could I get a plain wheel and reuse my stock brake stuff and...
  3. 20190519_160712.jpg


    Axles, wheels and brake calipers mounted.
  4. Single jackshaft twister

    Single jackshaft twister

    Bearkat twister single jackshaft, 12 inch wheels
  5. Wheel_Pieces


  6. Wheel_23


  7. Wheel_12


  8. Tod Sales upgrade

    Tod Sales upgrade

    Double jackshaft twister with 12" wheels
  9. Big wheel twister

    Big wheel twister

    Twister 12" wheels single jackshaft
  10. Lil Indian wheels

    Lil Indian wheels

    Lil Indian mag wheels
  11. E

    want to buy NOVA WHEELS

    hey im looking for nova wheels and any other nova parts you might have, thanks!
  12. M

    WTB Manco 5" wheels

    looking for 5" manco wheels.
  13. S

    What is this mini bike with go power wheels & a 2 speed belt driven drivetrain

    Curious to find out what this is. The engine clutch is a dual pulley. the kick lever engages one of the two belts. The brake is an interesting set up as it has a belt wrapped around a pulley. any help would be appreciated
  14. lostinbaja

    6" Manco Wheels

    1 Pair 6" Manco aluminum Wheels. 1 half of one wheel has a chuck out of the flange area but still works. $45.00 for both wheels, you pay the shipping. Thanks for looking, Jerry...
  15. FOMOGO

    Burris Go Kart wheels wanted/needed

    Looking for a couple of Burris wheels for a buddies drift trike. I have Burris cast aluminum wheels on my Drift Trike and they work well. He has True Roll spun aluminum wheels on his Drift Trike and they flex to the point that the sleeves wear off on the inside and are still almost full...
  16. jeep4me

    6" Mag Wheels

    I have a nice set of 6" wheels I've decided to sell. I don't believe they've ever been mounted on anything. No sprocket, just the wheels. Asking $100 plus the ride. PayPal or USPS money order.
  17. E

    Super Bronc 2 VT-1040 Tire Removal / Tire replacement question

    I have a couple of Duro knobby HF240 21-12.00-8 tires on order and have some questions... I'm new to all things Super Bronc 2 VT-1040 and ATV-style tire, are there any tips/tricks/step-by step procedures that I need to know regarding removing the wheels and bad tires from the super Bronc 2? I...
  18. ugmold

    4 inch wheels for my Lil Indian

    The title pretty much says it all, I recently got a Lil Indian (700?) with bogus wheels, would love to get mags, but they are too pricey, looking for something stock and fairly clean. https://www.oldminibikes.com/forum/strictly-us-vintage/144641-lil-indian-picked.html?highlight=ugmold
  19. CarPlayLB

    Trailhorse wheels with axles, sprocket hub, brake hub

    I bought this pair of wheels to make a sporty looking bike, but the direction went different. The wheels are very solid, just dirty. No nicks cracks or breaks. These will clean up nice! the sprocket hub has a chip in it, but is a serviceable item. These are 6" wheels Comes with axles and...
  20. Doodads

    Manco 6" Wheels, New Tires/Tubes and Sprocket Brake Assy.

    As pictured, Very nice 6" Manco wheels that have been bead blasted. No cracks or road rash but aren't perfect. Rear wheel sprocket mounting holes not stripped. Tires are new 410 x 350 x 6 Carlisle Stud with tubes from OldMiniBikes WHSE. 60T Sprocket and brake assy bought here on OldMiniBikes as NOS. Also...