6.5hp 212cc Predator Kill Switch

So the motor has the stock killswitch and it works fine.. My question is How can I make the killswitch easily accessible on my gokart.. I dont want to reach behind the seat to find it on the motor... Can I somehow ground it the a toggle switch mounted on the frame? Would I need to add extra wiring or something?


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There should be one wire that goes to the engine block, or the "ground", and one wire that comes from the magneto. The wire that comes from the magneto is grounded to shut the engine off. Take a switch that you get from OldMiniBikes, make sure it is grounded to any part of your frame, and run the wire from the switch to the wire that comes from the magneto and make the connection there....easy to do...no voodoo magic, you are simply grounding the system to kill the ignition

good luck
What do some of these members have against at least TRYING to perform a search?:blink:
I did a search and found a bit of help but Id like to personally talk with people about my own situation and ask specific questions about what oter people have done.. Its just much better than reading someone elses conversation. If ive learned anything on this site its that I know to search a topic before making an irrelevant thread and pissing members off
He says "I think" about everything, and he also has a single wire kill switch, wasnt sure what that was b my switch has a positie and negative. I saw that post as well before i made this thread
SCENARIO: This is my toggle switch with the + and - wires, I removed the old kill switch and all the wires I could (Oil sensor & black wire?" ) Now I have the + wire grounded to the wire coming from the magneto, and I'm guessing I will have to ground the - wire to the frame? I used a VoltMeter and the circuit works as it should
When I had the black wire grounded to the engine block the VoltMeter wouldnt change whether the switch was on/off. So that means its a continuous circuit which wont help me at all.. but when the black wire was grounded to any other metal the switch worked good
i run my two wire kill switches all grounded between the tin shroud and the engine block with a bolt that holds the shroud on. Never have any problems.

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