anyone. rear suspension doodle bug

The bike build is a minibike street bike an insperation from a dirtbike enduro.. i feel as though if i put larger rims and tires on it i might as well just bought a pit bike and slapped some street tires on it.
the swing arm pivot point is directly below the jackshaft so the chain might loosen but im planning on using a tensioner just incase. if i would have built the frame from scratch i would incorporated it better.
I feel the height makes it come away from looking like a minibike so im gonna drop it down and get rid of the fork streach and lower my rear shock mount and get it proportionately rite.
well... trial and error on any project..mostly for me :wink: what final will be sometimes is after riding it..singing the long and winding road..:thumbsup:
now im going to put hydrolic front and rear disk brakes, wider rear tire . build a 212predator and maybe swap out the front end with a mbx11 but that front end is so heavy. so maybebuil it an older style with springs inside the tubes.
I'm not an expert ... but... I think the rake and trail are off. Instead of mounting the front axle behind the forks, I think it should be mounted in front of them. Just my opinion, others will vary.

Danford the forks are stock i dont know why they put the axle behind the forks think probebly to make it easier to turn. If i make the forks spring loaded i will put the acle straight underneeth.
I have the stock forks off a B80-R that will allow you to use different bars and risers also. You could move the plates and mount a spring between them and the neck for some front suspension.
Looks way better now with the fork setup!! Body ergo looks very proportionate now!! Love that double hotdog muffler.....I will have to try that!!!!