Bonanza 1510Mx finished!!!

Really a beaut restoration, brings back old memories. Excellent work, wish i can get mine anywhere near that good?

They were never sold in Australia, we only new about them as there were occasional write ups in mini magazines back then? I remember drooling over the writeup's and photos wishing we could get our hands on one? Not many people know about them down under? Z50's, XR's, old Grand Prix's and MTI's being the most sought after.
Its taken me years to obtain enough parts to build up a complete frame but the engine still eludes me!! But slowly getting there? Will most likely be the only 1510MX in Aus? Buzby
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Thanks Karen, the seat you made worked out great for this build.:thumbsup: thanks to all you guys and gals for all the kind words. I almost forgot about you Eric aka Rookie Camp, I would have had you restore it but this is out of your League :oops::lol:. John I hope you are enjoying all the Powell's.