briggs 5hp governor linkage removal inside the case

I have a old school 5 hp with the linkage arm rod going into the block do i need to remove the side case and remove the nylon gear off the cam and plug the hole or just leave it in with the outside arm off?.and run it....thanks
I think if you google this question within the forum, you'll find the answer. I suspect leaving the internals is a no-no. More importantly, are you planning on a billet rod and flywheel? Going governor free means having rotating parts exceeding their design specs often leading to bad things happening between your legs.


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Yes, you need to remove everything and plug the hole.
In the Briggs engine section.
How to build a Briggs 5hp.
Upgrade you parts when doing this.
thanks!!!!! just building a putter looking for a better throttle hook up and build something fast it would be better to buy the animal or BS 206

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Sounds like quick engine with these parts.. Open case remove nylon gear 'We had these explode'.. take a speed cutting wheel and remove the L bend in Governor rod..Them it can't bounce up and rub Cam gear.. clips inside and out hold the rod in place..Easy Way... 5hp Way to Rip....
I had a Briggs Animal OHV on a minibike. It was north of 10 hp and WOW, You had to hang on tight when you gassed it :)
If you are looking for dependable, wide open throttle all day type of engine. Get an Animal or LO206. They are built for it.



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Has anyone run across Briggs flathead governor tweaking instructions for setting the maximum allowable RPM above 3600?

It might be just moving the governor linkage to a different hole in the assembly or even bending part of the lever but it is entirely possible to adjust the governor on these small industrial engines--it's just most people think removing it once and for all is the better option...

Skip to 2:47 to get past the hijinks. At about 7:30 he shifts to setting engine speed and the top rpm.

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