cattailhaas - 69 cat 400x modified - (Vintage Open)

So I really need a rear fender for my other build off bike, but as we all know they're very hard to come by so...I decided to make my own. I also needed to make a wider one for this bike so I started with this one. Started with a piece of 18 guage and bent a channel using 3/8 rod for the rounded corners in my press brake. I then used my shrinker / stretcher and formed the arch which left the the top area with a concave shape. After some time on the english wheel it flattened out and then I sanded the shrinker marks off the sides. Being the rear tire is a little bigger, I went ahead and cut it a little longer than a stock fender but kept the shapes of the original. Next I used the tipping rolls in my bead roller and added the small flare to the bottom side flange just like the original. Next I will have to mount it, but until then I added pictures of it mocked up with some wood blocks...
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