1. Storm200minibike

    gx200 missing

    I just rebuilt my gx200 clone with a few modifications. I put a hot 265 cam in, billet rod, billet flywheel, jetted the carb with a k&n air filter, and a racing pipe on the exhaust. It misses pretty bad especially at top end, and I can only open the throttle to about 1/4 to 1/2 or it hardly...
  2. 20190602_152616.jpg


    TAV2-30 series torque converter modified movable sheave.
  3. 20190602_144051.jpg


    Modified TAV2-30 series torque converter zinc weights. 234 grams.
  4. M

    Modified T/C belt

    My Broncco Renegade uses a 5/8" symmetrical belt which seems to be made of unobtanium, the only belt I could find would creep because it was 3/4" wide and too short. What I tried was using an asymmetrical belt for a Manco(?) and drum sanding the angle so it resembled the symmetrical belt that...
  5. J

    Just got my second baja, the Mini Baja, is this stock or modified?

    Just traded in to this Baja Mini. So far it definitely needs new grips, throttle, possibly a tire, seat(broken bracket), and a thorough cleaning. Headlight is missing and I haven't looked in to it far enough to see if the wiring is still there for it. Has some kind of 6.5HP from the looks...
  6. cattailhaas

    cattailhaas - 69 cat 400x modified - (Vintage Open)

    So this will be my second bike for the build off but I will focus on this one more as I plan on doing a lot of fabrication to make it what I want. All though I am modifying this bike, I am not doing anything to it that can't be reversed by unbolting a few things. My plans for this bike are...
  7. Smeeneezle

    Modified Predator 212 and now it won't start

    So, first off I purchased the Stage 2 go kart upgrade kit for my Predator 212 that is for my Carter 2 seater go kart. Once I put on all of the items I fired up the engine (still off of the kart) and it ran just fine except the governor kept it from really opening up. So, I decided to go all in...
  8. Eric_OMBWarehouse

    OldMiniBikes 2017 Calendar Poll for modified calendar

    We want to get a poll of what picture you guys would like for each month and which picture for the cover, so if you want picture 5 for say March, just respond with March - 5. Also, if there are any dates you would like reminders on for specific events, reunions, please let me know. For any...
  9. chatten63

    comet modified aluminium weights

    I'm looking for a set of the modified aluminum weights for the comet 20 and 30 series driver. Part number 216117. Thanks Rick.
  10. M

    Highly modified doodlebug

    For sale is a highly modified baja doodlebug minibike. These bikes originally come with a 2.8 horsepower engine. I replaced this with a 6.5hp honda clone and have done the following modifications to the engine: Governor removed and all holes permanently sealed Arc billet connecting rod 0.020"...
  11. C

    Modified Gilson Fat Tire

    Throwing it out for critique. Started with a frame & few (and I do mean FEW) parts. Previously modified for wide tires so went with that thinking. All new components with the exception of the frame, wheels and two pulleys. Tecumseh H50 was NOS as well as the Tecumseh-marketed mini bike...
  12. Timmahhhhh

    Is This a Modified Azusa?

    I saw this on craigslist...Probably a dumb question, but is this a modified Azusa frame? Sure does look like it.
  13. V

    Modified clone and 22mm mikuni

    My son races a outlaw class with 120 snowmobiles. The only rules are no exotic fuels and max 212cc. I just bought a used modified clone with the following done to it. Hemi predator block De-stroked +.17 clone crank +.20 arc billet rod Pvl flywheel Gx200 billet lifters Chromoly push rods...
  14. samevansjr

    Doodlebug with Gx160 clone modified $950 Grand Blanc, MI

    Front & Rear 15x6x6 6 ply Tires Hydraulic Rear brake PMR Jackshaft with cover Noram Cheetah Racing Clutch #35 RLV X-treme High Performance Gold/Gold Chain Gearing 12t Clutch, 17t In, 13t Out & 65t Rear 7.1:1 ratio RVL split rear sprocket PMR engine plate Gx160 Clone Honda head ported Chrome...
  15. superchargedill

    Modified Hornet

    Hi Guys, Thsi one has been through a few changes. When we first got it we painted it orange and built some wheelie bars for it. Then we decided it was going to be my boys mini bike so we painted it his favorite color yellow. Then he decided he wanted it to look more sporty and came up with a...
  16. minidragbike

    Who's Been Looking For Me?

    I'm hardly on here any more, mostly on Facebook now a days. So if you want to contact me. Find me on Facebook, just type up Minidragbike in the search bar and I will pop up. Send me a message on there, or if you need my number I can give it to you to call or text me directly.
  17. MikeBear

    Fox Campus modified frame

    For sale, pickup only, Fox Campus somebody made into (or started) a 3 wheeler. Midland, MI area. Contact info and address given for serious buyers. $40.00. PM me. I could get more photos if you really want them, however it's EXACTLY as pictured, and there's nothing else that comes with it...
  18. B

    Will a GTC TAV limit RPMs on a fairly modified Predator engine?

    Hi all, My son and I recently built an Asuza Minibike using a predator 212 engine. We've modified the engine a fair bit and have had good success (so far) with a GTC Torque converter (we know we are exceeding specs with the modified engine) We have the standard 72 tooth rear sprocket, and...
  19. B

    First Startup of our lightly modified Predator

    Fist startup of our lightly modified HF Predator. Stock tank is on top only for trial run. New one needed after TAV installed for mounting onto Azusa frame
  20. R

    Nice modified (reetek cheetah roller) fat tire roller

    Up for sale is a modified Reetek Cheetah Roller I have decided to take this in a different direction after putting a ton of money into it.Everything that's on it has been reworked and in refurbished condition. Frame & Fork- Bead Blasted -Powder coated Army Green - By prismatic Tires - New...