cattailhaas - 69 cat 400x modified - (Vintage Open)

So I had the frame powder coated candy blue and started putting this thing together. I am going to make a taller set of handle bars tomorrow because I like the way the bike looked when I had the slingshot bars and forks on the bike.....hope I don't run out of time....
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OK, so this bike is also done except the chrome shop didn't get my fenders done so....The video is of both my build off bikes, and of course the first one I ride is this bike. If you watch closely when I take off it pulls a little wheelie and then you will hear the band brake making a terrible sound ( I think it's rubbing the sprocket ) Again I want to thank bill and pat and everyone for all the great input. Also after raising this bike an inch higher off the ground the stock kickstand wouldn't work so I ordered a longer one off of ebay and shortened to the correct length.
So at the time I finished this bike for the build off, the chrome shop didn't have the fenders done I made for this build. So I have them back now and installed on the bike. Here's some pictures to show the final product. I am also taking this bike to Joes mini bike reunion this coming weekend...