Chain Linkin's - DB Dirt Racer - (Chinese Class)

Had the bike out racing last weekend. I pre-emptively put my new rear sprocket on (67t) but had to reinstall my stock 6.5 since I didn't have my new parts in on time. As you would figure, the bike was a bit underwhelming, lost most of the acceleration. I'm hoping that once I get my gx200 modified I will be able to improve my lap times. The new foot peg location was a big help in the corners. Over-all I'm pretty disappointed in how I preformed during this build-off. Items that still need to be completed are:

Number plates
New fuel tank
Mod my engine
Add some more mud deflectors
new twist throttle and grips.

This will be a continuous project over the summer and probably for as long as I own the bike. I'm not sure if I'll be able to post a final video/pictures before this whole thing closes so just in case I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to [MENTION=9664]cheezy1[/MENTION] and [MENTION=31471]mrpat[/MENTION] for putting this all together this year and good luck to everyone who entered this year.

Well... I had the bike done (ish) and racing before the end of the build-off. I wasn't able to upload any videos before the due date though, probably for the best. I managed to go over the back and bent the rear fender pretty good. :oops: On our second day out I went down pretty hard but the paint held it's own. My mini looks more like a proper racer now.

I'm going to keep updating this thread as I keep building (If someone wants to move this to the projects or DB section that would great)

I started the engine work this past weekend. Still need to get a billet rod but my engine is going to need a good cleaning before I reach that point. Upgrades will be:
Racseng flywheel
billet rod
14cc Honda head
18lb springs
22mm mikuni
Loop torque tube header
Cam - TBD: I'm going to stay with the stock cam. One of the other racers is experimenting with cams right now and he hasn't found one that suits our needs yet. His first cam made a ton of power but it was too far in the rpms. Basically, he lost most of his acceleration and then spun the tire down the whole straight away. Too be continued...

The plan is to create good bottom end power and adjust the gear ratio to put my bike right on the edge of wheel spin when leaving corners.
Just noticed I never finished off this thread. The bike was finished and has been run hard since 2017. It's always being worked on and upgraded. Couldn't be happier with how it turned out.