DAVID WULF'S - Scratch Build - (Anything Goes)

Today I decided to try and get this mini running so I got some fuel line and checked the tank out for leaks and was good . Making this tank fit was hard and I new when it came to installing the petcock I would have to notch one of my upper tubes little so it would fit . It's notched so a piece of 1" tube will fit in it . I didn't have a 1" throttle but had a 7/8 one so I found a piece of 7/8 tube and took two hose clamps and clamped it on my bars . So now she's ready to fire but didn't have any 110 gas for her so off to the speed shop .
So I got her started and it ran alright , I put a different pilot jet in and went to big . The mail reason for wanting to run her was to see if my chains would stay on , and they did . With a rear wheel and Jack shaft and motor mount it would be easy to get off somewhere .
So it seems that all is good with the alignment.
Well now the only thing keeping me from riding is brakes . I didn't want to use the threaded rod that I used for mock up so I looked over at the MX sitting there and thing almost the same setup , so I took the tie rod and rod ends off my brothers MX . So after going over everything twice i took my new mini for a ride . first just around the driveway and then up and down the neighbors drive . Most of this is brake checking and getting a feel for the bike . The one problem I did have is that my throttle side of the bars was about 6 inches longer than the other so it was odd feeling .
I also made a few runs up the street she handles great and pulls good but the top end was off , jetting way lean . Right now the final hearing is 7.12:1 and she runs good out of the hole , no drag bike but moves fine . Will probably go up to the mid to upper 8s if I take her down south to Buckeyes event .
Well I haven't got to much done cause it almost finished but we're still road testing this new ride . I spent the weekend getting my Powells new carb jetted and also trying to get this one sorted out . One thing I noticed was the motor was easier than it should be to pull over but didn't pay much attention to it , mistake . After chasing my ass jetting all day yesterday , I stopped after I hit a 165 main and it was still lean . Also the bendix brake sucked on this nanza rim . The stud arm that opens the brakes has wore down over the year and also the holes that it goes though . The shaft would twist in the holes 3/8 inch sideways and cause the brake to catch and lock up when to touched the pedal , bad .
So I inserted 1/4" plate inside and a piece on the outside to position the shaft , had to go to a 15/32 hole verses a 1/2" wore out hole .
But now I have a perfect working brake .
Back to the motor I pulled the valve cover to check the lash on the roller rockers and there was none . That's why it was hard to start and I couldn't Jett it . Set the lash and put a 135 back in her and she screams, she still a little lean on the top but a 140 jet should fix it .
I was able to make a 8,500 rpm pass by the house . From using the jack shaft calculator, with a final gearing of 7.14 : 1 and the tire size about 65 mph . What I see now is this bike is stable as hell at speed and the brakes work good . My next test will be higher gearing going to around 8:1 maybe higher . I'am going to the Buckeye event down south and this rides going to . The 1/8 mile track probably has 250 feet or so straights and I need it setup for 8 k at the end of the straights .
Sure want to hear that West Bend when you do your video. I wish I could see it race. Around 55mph on dirt? Woohoo!
Umm it's not a west bend , it's a built 196cc clone . But it will outrun a west bend and sounds better . Lol

Your question about the yellow bonanza MX . There's a build thread on it in the project section in my name .
I've been back and forth on this and decided to change it this morning. The 1" throttle I bought is pretty much a cheap ass minibike throttle, eBay store said motorcycle throttle . Well the cable for the mikuni is adjustable in two spots but the cable itself is to long for this type of throttle, you end up with 270 degrees of turn . I could not find a 1" motor cross type just 7/8 and 1 1/8 . After looking through extra parts I have a 7/8 billet throttle like the one on the bonanza MX I built .
So I have 1" bars not 7/8" so I have a piece of 7/8 tube that is .120 wall and a 5/8 Jack shaft scrap fits in it and also have some 3/4 that fits in the 1" bars . So I cut off the throttle side and slid in the 3/4 tube then made up the extension and slid that in and now have a 7/8 section of bars for my 7/8 throttle .
These are things you have to do in the mockup and the testing stage long before paint or powder coat happens .
Today I talked with my friend Gerald ( LS customs ) and he has made some really nice necks that take a 1 3/8 bearing . Well I sorta ordered two one them and will probably be cutting the neck off this bike and adding another better one . I'am also has thinking about changing the rake from the 31 degrees it is now to 29 degrees .
The bike rides unreal and at speed it is rock solid stable , but it doesn't carve the turns like a flat track bike would or should .