How to post pictures (Test Area)

Here is the workaround to use in the interim. Karen [MENTION=18286]manchester1[/MENTION] posted it in another thread (thanks Karen):

"Well, the only way I can see how to up load a photo is: Upload to the gallery. Click on your photo, down at the bottom of the photo you will see the link for medium. Copy and paste."

When I did it, I copied the "linked image" url info...all of it..and pasted it in my post, and it automatically displays the pic as desired.
Yes. I have been posting photos as well in my build thread. Not a problem. I was responding to Eric's post.
Yea ..I couldn't get the photo Icon to work either Dave , I usually copy/paste the medium link from the photo gallery. But since the change a couple years back the only way I can post a video is by using the video Icon in the tool bar ! :thumbsup:


LOL, Eric, that is the breast video I've seen in awhile. Until the recent "upgrades," I was not able to view videos here with my IE browser. I had to switch to Firefox to watch any of them. Now, I can see videos just like before. Aren't computers, minbikes, and breasts neat?
Figured something out. If I go to the "gallery", I can upload a photo by copying the link.
If I go to "my photos", It will not let you do anything because when you click on your photo, nothing happens.