If you have one of my seats post a pic

well i usually have them out within 10 days but the last few months have been family issue after family issue so I have been way behind. Im washing my hands of all the BS drama so i should be good to go with 10 days.
I am officially one of the club. I finally got my Kenny seat. What a great seat for the best price. He did one heck of a job. Now I am considering replacing my near new seat on my Bonanza.

Been getting a lot of pic requests lately...apparently there hard to find in my photo album. If you got a seat from me post up a pic. Thanks.
Kenny I'm in the market for a seat for my Taco 99, the one Havasu Dave restored. It has a homemade seat now, it's actually cool and I want to use it on my Bad Dog. What I'm looking at $$ to have you do one fer me? John

I was talked into painting the bike orange after I ordered the red seat...The red seat did find a new home this week and I ordered a replacement in orange.