I'm in! 2016 Build-Off Just for Fun

I have an english wheel and a planishing hammer. I have found the hammer to be way more useful. If you're planning your next purchase, you might see if that would be a better choice. :)
Wow, back at it! Working on three bikes by myself is a bit much. Just painted the fenders in the Plum Crazy Purple, sorry Prince fans:laugh: Hard to see from the picture, they look great and no bugs in the paint for once! Still need to get the frame done this weekend weather and wife depending. Seat looks decent and it will work for now. Waiting on some the grips and other parts to come in. Is OldMiniBikes out of the Tecumseh minibike throttle set ups? I need a few of them and they seem to be out of stock.


Dropped the frame off to get stripped today, back on Thursday. If it stops raining after I get out of work, I'll get it painted on Friday? And then the motor still needs paint:doah: