I'm in! 2016 Build-Off Just for Fun

Thanks Buck and Jdogg! Big Brown truck stopped at my house today...my wife's order and not mine:censure: I ordered some of those parts weeks ago and were supposed to be in stock. I'll keep working with what I have on hand and see what happens?
You know I had fun (stress)! Here are some pictures of what I could get done with what spare parts I had. I really had fun building this bike and will finish it as soon as my parts come in. I really would like to say thanks to everyone for their encouragement and also thanks to the higher ups for your hard work:thumbsup::thumbsup: This was a really tough decision, but I have to bow out, just couldn't get it done this time. Some of the greatest bikes I've ever seen were done on this build off!! Best of luck to everyone still in the mix and see you at Windber!!