Marc 1 Vintage Bonanza Build

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This Bonanza was a great find. Everything is there with all the hard to find goodies. Sprockets are virtually perfect with hardly any signs of wear, just a lot of oxidation. The tires are even decent. Not sure if I will get new ones or not. Check out that original chrome gas tank!

marc 1

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Just starting the tear down. Engine is the original H-50. While the tear down of the Tecumseh I found a mouse that had crawled in the exhaust pipe and lodged himself inside the exhaust valve chamber. Probably why the mini has hardly any signs of engine or sprocket wear. The mouse was so lodged that he kept the exhaust valve open which stole all of the compression. I am sure that is why the mini has been just sitting for years and years.

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Here is a shot of the complete disassemble of engine. There is the mouse that stopped all of the fun back way back when. The cylinder walls and rings look fantastic. I am just going to hone the cylinder, put new seals in, paint and go. If it ain't broke don't fix it. But you might as well make it look pretty! That's next!
Excellent starting place having all the parts! Keep the pics coming!

That is a certified Bonanza mouse. Mickey ain't got nothin on this mouse. Might go for big $...
Well, I think I am 95% done breaking down the Bonanza. Here is a shot of the frame. Next I will have it media Blasted and Painted Bonanza Blue of course. It will be Base coat ,clear coat. I haven't seen a powder coat color that matches exactly yet.
I will also be taking all of these parts to the Chrome shop. This will cost more than I paid for the mini. They will be beautiful though. There is nothing like triple chrome plating!
This Bonanza has seen its share of weather. I had to saw the jack shaft in pieces to get it out. The sprockets are in such good shape I would like to have them chromed and reuse them.

I may have to spring for a new chain though!!!!
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I would really like to utilize as many original parts as I can. I am trying to keep it as original as possible. Yes even the nuts and bolts. I will see the cost of having the original nuts and bolts chromed.