Missing Parts from OldMiniBikes


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I placed a decent order for some parts I needed on a couple bikes. Most of them were smaller parts, but I ordered extras for inventory.

I received the package today and there's missing parts.... but not necessarily the fault of OldMiniBikes.

The package was heavily damaged and torn open in two spots.

Only missing a handful of parts, surprisingly. Seeing how the bearings and jackshaft collars were put in the box loose. Of course, they might have been in a baggy or other container to begin with.

I already called and left a message. I'm sure they'll make it right.

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Oh boy. I have a bunch of stuff coming tomorrow. I hope my box doesn't look like that. The small stuff should be in a baggy. You have no idea the abuse a package takes from USPS. Nothing should move or rattle in the box. Box should be packed tight:thumbsup:


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I was contacted by OldMiniBikes today and they are shipping out all the missing/damaged pieces to me.

Can't ask for much better service then that!!:clap:
I too have had a OldMiniBikes box show up with a hole in it and parts missing ... OldMiniBikes was right on the case and reshipp promptly!

For me there is never a worry when doing business with them.

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I've never had and issue like this but on the small boxes with several small items I tape or secure them to the inside of the box if they cant be bagged together so nothing falls out in-case its torn open like the pictures above. Its good to know they make it right even though its not there fault.
Never had an issue yet , but priority mail comes with insurance I believe so shouldn't be a problem , especially for the great folks at OldMiniBikes !!
Same here Tom. I can get "some" parts maybe a little cheaper. But the customer service, on hand inventory, and the fast shipping make me a loyal customer who deserves a 10% discount for this shameless butt snorkeling. :biggrin: