Newbie getting in with a Bad Dog build.

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:confused:I installed black garter spring on max torque. My thinking was the same as stall speed on automatic trans. It ended up bogging down the motor. My guess is the engine wold rev high and then launch hard. Then I installed the green spring and it runs fine. What gives?
:facepalm: Did not work. Lost rpm and it ran bad. I did install the stock sheet air filter in the tube. I think the filter may be clogging it. My R+D time should be put towards other things. I'm stunned at how bad it ran. :censure:
What do you have the carb jetted at? and do you have a open header on it?
Ok, I will press on! On the jet I used a Tip Cleaner for a oxy torch and I believe drill size 65 would get 91 jet? You think it might be too small? I have a tall and narrow header from OldMiniBikes and its corked up with the Briggs style muffler.
It exits under the seat. Should I uncork? I do have a NR Blueprint Carb coming in the mail that I bought from a member Dirtbusaki. The jet is a 95 on that carb with a bigger idle jet also. I will uncork and install the new carb.
I would take the muffler off for starters and then see how the new carb you said you are getting works. Then got from there, drill the jet bigger one size at a time. :shrug:

Somebody once told me to think of an engine (doesn't matter big or small) as a air pump. The more air you pump in and the more air you pump out the more power you will make. So since you are sucking in a bunch of air with the ram-air setup you will need to move it out the header.


If it still is bogging because of getting too much air I would try decreasing the size of the end that sucks in the air. You could even put a PVC end cap on the end of it drill a larger (big but smaller than the diameter of the hose) hole in the middle of it to decrease the air intake.

I am by no means guaranteeing that this will work, this is just what I would do to try and make it work. Don't continuing doing this unless you feel you want to, because I don't want to be responsible for something being broken or spending extra money on your project.

Good luck with what ever you decide to do. :thumbsup: