Open Class- Bad Dog Gigantic (Newbie)

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This will be my first mini bike build. I have had a few motorcycles and wrenched on them. However, this is the first time I have tried to building anything from the ground up.

I have ordered a Bad Dog Gigantic kit. The parts should arrive around February 1st so I want to get a pic of my order form and the Honda engine on the board ASAP. I will post a compete pic of all the parts as soon as the rest of them arrive.

I am looking forward to the project and hopefully some help along the way. I have read the Bad Dog bikes do not come with instructions. Should be fun!:thumbsup:
Good luck brother Bad Dog. I entered the build off to keep me focused on my Bad Dog Drag build. I got Robin on speed dial! I will be following along.
Will be watching this build closely. I think they are using the same tires I am on my build. Best of luck. What gear ratio will you be using?
Robin recommended a Torq A Verter with 1" hub for the 11 hp Honda; an eight tooth sprocket, and a #41 chain. I was concerned about the top end being too fast for the brakes so the 8 tooth sprocket should keep the speed under 35 mph. It should get up to speed quickly, which is what I was looking for in this bike.
Good luck brother Bad Dog. I entered the build off to keep me focused on my Bad Dog Drag build. I got Robin on speed dial! I will be following along.
Robin at Bad Dog is a helpful young lady. I've had good dealings with her through the Douglas Wheel Ebay account she runs. I have gotten four of the NOS flojets and mentioned how I liked the mufflers she had and one showed up in my next order. That's just good customer service.:thumbsup:
Does anyone have the engine specs for a Honda GX 340 engine? Robin from Bad Dog called to say they cannot weld in the engine mounting plate without some dimensions. Unfortunately, I am traveling and do not have access to the engine to take any measurements.

Thanks for your help,
Could you post a picture of the kit laid out before your build? Currently building a Bad Dog Drag for my daughter but your build is what I'm thinking about for my next. :thumbsup:
The frame, seat and fenders recently arrived from Bad Dog. I have to say, the quality of these items seems to be good.

I played around with a few of the parts today to see how things will fit together. It looks like I may have two problems. First, the rear sprocket does not seem to be spaced far enough from the rear wheel hub. The chain would rub on the tire if I just tightened everything up and tried to put the chain on.

The second bigger problem is with the Torq-a-verter. It does not appear to be the correct one for a Honda 11hp engine. There is no way to mate up the TAV to the engine that fits. See attached photos. Also, what holds the TAV to the engine shaft? Does the output shaft need to be threaded?


Whats up brother Bad Dog. I had many probs with my drag kit but if you call Robin (put him on speed dial) it will work out. Sounds like he forgot a spacer in between hub and sprocket. Is the TAV hitting the rear dipstick? I think you can order a billet plug from NR Racing or hack saw the handle off the dipstick.
This is a motovox with a jack shaft that I built and had to shave the dip stick. I can tell you that Robin offers so many combos that he confuses himself. He sent me the wrong hubs. Hang in there.
Thanks man. I appreciate the advice and pics. I tried to fit the TAV on the engine without the black dipstick but it does not appear to fit. It is a Comet 30 model TAV which says it is for an 8 hp engine max. I am wondering in the 11hp block is different than an 8hp engine and that could be the problem.
Try mounting it so the rear shaft is above the dipstick.the tav plate bolts to the engine with 4 might have to grind one of the gussets so it clears the dipstick.
Had the same problem with that back plate on a preditor. Had to cut the taboff the dip stick and rotate the back up to the next set of holes around the drive shaft. It was close, but fit. That plate is recmmended for 8-18 hp. Can't say for sure it will fit the 11hp Honda, but check it out.
Well, looks like I am out of time and my minibike is not finished. I was able to get it operational over the weekend. It runs and rides great!! Now, I just need a few tweaks and some paint.