Powell Bro Serial Numbers List

I'm liljake just picked up a three digits B model not a lot there but wheels frame front end and seat bracket but it's not to beat up. Any info or the year of the B would be great. Thanks.Also have a C model and a F model. Both running not all original but there.LJ
Just found Powell Challenger 3952-D. Literally a "barn find", looks like it had a clutch problem early in life and was put in the barn and forgotten about. All original, 5hp Briggs is dated 62nd day of '69 has good compression. Pics are "as found" minus some dust, dirt and grime, I have all parts (air cleaner, drive clutch and cover). Excited, Love it, but may be persuaded to sell. Thanks, Scott 005.JPG 003.JPG 002.JPG
Like in post "might be persuaded to sell", really looking for a Meyers Lynx 65 or Taco 100, would like to trade for one in like condition. Yes, would sell, reluctantly, so will be priced "high" to keep me from crying after the sale, $1800, Thanks, Scott.
Very nice , is it for sale?
Like in post "might be persuaded to sell", really looking for a Meyers Lynx 65 or Taco 100, would like to trade for one in like condition. Yes, would sell, reluctantly, so will be priced "high" to keep me from crying after the sale, $1800, Thanks, Scott.
Here is the list just arrived from Alan Powell 04-22-12

01. 7309-B This is a miracle bike. The B is a 4HP Briggs which were long gone before the 7k serial numbers . . . in fact, the last recorded serial number is 7294-M. So . . . assuming that the "B" was correct, I looked for some number that was close and maybe hard to read but was coming up blank. If the bike is original, ie: motor etc.,

NOTE: For more info that may help to clear up the confussion about 7309-B
read the notes at the BOTTOM of this thread.

02. 1436-C Sold 7/26/68 to Stan Marko's Shell Service. Built on 7/25/68 1 of 21 (Big Day) 14-C's 5-A's 2-B's

03. 1890-C Sold 10/11/68 to Frankson Scooter 1 of 5 Built 10/11/68 1 of 14 13-C's 1-A

04. 1992-C Sold 11/1/68 to Private party Built 10/28/68 1 of 18 all C's

05. 4203-D Sold to private party . . . in Hawaii on 10/8/69 Built 8/26/69 First one of eight built that day. This one is a little odd. There was over a month delay from the build day to the sale day. Most are very close. That makes me wonder if this might have been a demo. The bike I raced at Saddleback Park was serial number 4230-D . . . pretty close. If I remember right, for the first race, we just pulled a bike off the line. There were several classes and age groups. I entered the 14-year-old-and-over 5HP class, and just for fun, the unlimited class. I won both classes. The races were a month apart and we pulled another bike off the line (4230-D) and did some simple mods to it, while still keeping the 5HP rating. The next month I won both classes again, but the officials asked me to choose just one class as some of the parents of the younger guys were complaining. I went with unlimited HP with the 5HP Briggs. It does make me wonder if 4203-D might have been the bike I used on the first race, then sold at a discount to the Hawaii guy. I would have to check the early race dates and other time lines to narrow it down . . . but it does make me wonder.

06. 4205-D This was also built on 8/26/69 (third one). Sold on 9/12/69 to Rent-A-Cycle (one of four they bought that day). In the production book, there is an X DP listed for this bike. The X denotes special allen screws in the muffler, and the DP stands for damper, which, I think, was for a second spring inside the main spring on the rear suspension.

07. 4353-D Built 10/10/69 – 1 of 4. Sold to Circle S Trail Scooters on 10/13/69. This was one of 20 they purchased that day. I haven’t checked, but this may have been a record for a single order.

08. 4872-E Built on 1/19/70 – 1of 6. Sold to J & G Enterprises on 2/5/70.

09. 4895-E Built on 1/26/70 – one of only three that day. Sold 2/4/70 to All Sport Sales & Service – 1 of 6.

10. 5372-F Built on 5/21/70 – 1 of 14. Sold to Lawn Mower World on 5/22/70 – 1 of 2.

11. 5507-F Built on 6/17/70 – 1 of 5. Sold to A Jays Sales & Service on 6/17/70 – 1 of 3.

12. 5778-H Built on 8/7/70 – 1 of 12. Sold to B.F.Goodrich on 9/4/70. (I turned 20 years old on that day. This is a very old bike!) :laugh:

13. 5820-H Built on 8/13/70 – 1 of 14. Sold to Brownell’s on 8/17/70 – 1 of 3.

14. 5964-H Built on 10/1/70. First one built that day – 1 of 7. Sold to Long Beach Mini Cycle on 10/13/70 – 1 of 2.


15. 1715-C Built on (my birthday) 9/4/68 – 1 of 12. Sold to a private party on 9/5/68.

16. 2849-D Built on 4/8/69 – 1 of 19 that day. Sold on 4/11/69 to Milne Bros. (Trucking, I think.)

(This is not a complete list but may help in narrowing down the options for "7309")

I found this to be very interesting here is what Alan Powell has to say.
Might help when figuring out your Powell serial numbers.

Here is the run down on the Model numbers:


Nov ’66 - 64 Bikes built without serial numbers

Mar ’67 - Started with 100-A 3HP Briggs

Model B 4HP Briggs Oct ‘67

Model 498-C C 5HP Briggs

Model 769-C New Frame

Model 816-C New Spark Arrester on all 5HP

Feb 19th ‘69 2525-D 5Hp Briggs w/ new High Rise frame 2 inches higher ground clearance.

Model 4376-E Oct 24th ‘69 E 4HP Tecumseh Powell Modified torque converter- shift lever just for pushing.

Model 5109-F Apr. 21st ‘70 no alternator - same frame as E

ALL others will have to wait for the next list:
make sure you post them in THIS thread!!
I have 4944-E......bought last weekend at a Swapmeet in SanDiego.... pretty much everything but the engine and belt cover.... everything is painted... ugly but good condition... would love to know what engine it would have had and if I can find parts to put back together....